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  1. miab

    Rio IDE Menu Font Size

    It's pretty good. Thanks.
  2. miab

    JCL, JVCL on Rio?

    I made the missing jvBDE packages for 10.3. jvd26BDE.zip
  3. How can I change the font size in Delphi 10.3 Rio IDE Menu?
  4. miab

    IDE Fix pack for Rio

    From what Andreas writes, he does not have access to IDE sources: https://twitter.com/AndyHTech/status/1084150052560519168 But that is not the point. Why, in the case of a dozen paid editions and a dozen fix releases, Emba does not introduce these changes?
  5. miab

    IDE Fix pack for Rio

    How is it that one independent programmer has to improve Delphi IDE for over 10 years? Basically hacking them without access to sources? Delphi which subsequent versions are released for a large amount of money at least every year.
  6. miab

    mORMot running on Delphi 10.3 Rio

    After the parts can not. ZEOS is free, fast and works with Lazarus (Windows and Linux) and Delphi (currently only Windows32/64) from Delphi7 to Delpi 10.3 Rio. And it works well with mORMot. http://zeoslib.sourceforge.net/viewtopic.php?f=50&p=106447#p106237