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  1. Hey, thanks for the reply. The file was not modified, I am hosting it on external server. So I am 100% sure they're the same. I am getting proper Last-Modified date only using Curl, WGET/ICS both are giving me request date and time in this field. EDIT: The problem is with server configuration, not ICS. Sorry!
  2. Hello, I have a problem with ICS. I am using TSslHttpCli to receive a file header from the server. So I am setting up the URL and calling Head procedure. All good. I need to retrieve Last-Modified part of the header, but I've noticed that it's reporting something completely different compared to what Curl reports. On the left side, I've used Curl to get file header from same URL as Delphi program on the right. Last-Modified date is in fact the time and date of when the request was made, not the file modification date. Am I doing something wrong here or is this a bug? Thanks, Piotr
  3. Thank you for your suggestions and help! 🙂 In the end, I did make an inherited class from the THttpCli and I am checking the status codes in OnRequestDone event and handling it there. Everything works as I wanted it to 🙂 Thanks again, Piotr
  4. Thank you for the very quick reply, appreciated! Is there a chance you could write a code snippet that would show how can I achieve that? I don't really understand how to do this myself. I'm not an experienced programmer. Thank you, Piotr
  5. Hello, I am working with a rather unstable API. Sometimes, I'm getting an error 404 or 403 without a reason, but simply retrying the request the second time works and I'm receiving proper data from API. I would like to implement a feature, where if my THttpCli gets in header one of these codes, I will retry the request. But I am unsure on how to retry the request from, for example, OnHeaderEnd. What code should I implement in this procedure to retry the request? Sending a simple GetAsync again doesn't seem to work. Thank you, Piotr