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  1. arnold mueller

    MARSClient BodyParam in GET/DELETE

    This was a stupid question ... I had a wrong understanding of HTTP communication. I now realize that it is a bad idea using GET requests with message body if the client is not under own control.
  2. Hi, does anyone know how i can pass a body param within a GET or DELETE request with TMARSClientResourceJSON? The PUT method can process TJSONValue, GET or DELETE can't do this. @Andrea Magni: Thanks for sharing this cool library !!
  3. arnold mueller

    MMX 15 (Beta) Available

    Many thanks for fixing the MMX-Explorer/Object Inspector issue. 👍
  4. arnold mueller

    MMX 15 (Beta) Available

    Many thanks for the new version. I'm sorry, but the problem I described above is not resolved.
  5. arnold mueller

    MMX 15 (Beta) Available

    The dock host contains three tabs OI, MMX Explorer and Palette. Starting with Code and MMX Explorer visible, pressing F12, Design and OI becomes visible. Pressing F12, Code becomes visible, MMX Explorer does not. F12 F12
  6. arnold mueller

    MMX 15 (Beta) Available

    Build 2343: "Auto toggle Object Inspector and Code Explorer" doesn't work properly. Switching from Code Explorer to Object Inspector works fine, from Object Inspector to Code Explorer does not.
  7. arnold mueller

    MMX for Delphi 10.3 Rio

    Thanks Uwe, afer a quick look I can say works well 👍