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  1. Asger-P

    Does GExperts work in C++Builder

    Thanks for the reply Dummzeuch, I'll give it a try then. Best regards Asger
  2. Asger-P

    Does GExperts work in C++Builder

    Of course I haven't tried it! When earlier installations mention either Rad in the title or C++Builder in the description, and the latest only say Delphi, then I don't use my PC for testing. Best regards Asger
  3. Asger-P

    Does GExperts work in C++Builder

    Hi I have tried to find information about GExperts working with C++Builder and if it add any improvements, but with no luck. I tried here: https://blog.dummzeuch.de/category/delphi/gexperts/ https://blog.dummzeuch.de/experimental-gexperts-version/ and of course using google, but I see only Delphi and GExperts in the newer versions, is C++Builder no longer supported ? Thanks in advance Best regards Asger