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  1. Well, what I'm referring here is what other option I can do to update the table of contents. This pop up box will really display because I set 'w:updateFields' to true. This is basically part of the OOXML setup for Table of Contents. In LibreOffice/ODT file, what they normally do is open the file to perform the updating of the table of contents. You know what, I think I just have an idea how to get around with this.
  2. Working with OOXML in Delphi is.. interesting Now I can generate docx files by manipulating XML tags, although working with a library makes things easier. Now another hiccup is updating the table of contents. The only solution for now I have for now is the option where the user is prompted with a message box every time the Word document opens asking this screen below. I want to get rid of it or avoid this from showing up. If user selects "Yes", the table of contents is updated. This is also based on Eric White's blog: This option, is not always the best experience we want to our users. Has anyone encountered this before? Eric did mention Word automation using a macro and another is setting up word automatic services via a Sharepoint in the server, this is not going to be an option for now. So we want to automatically update TOC inside the docx file without prompting the user. If you have a suggestion, I would highly appreciate it. Thanks!
  3. misc_bb

    Delphi 10.4 GetIt connection issue

    This problem seems to be a while already but I just experienced it now after reinstalling Delphi 10.4. I followed the updated ServiceUrl since I cannot access the Getit Package Manager but the loaded packages are not updated. Found the solution here especially on the offline installer: https://docwiki.embarcadero.com/RADStudio/Sydney/en/Release_Notes 😉
  4. misc_bb

    Reinstalling Delphi 10.4 after PC Crashed

    Yeah, I do have some backup of my source code but the installation and the other apps are not. I'll probably need another drive for this. I am now working on reinstalling it again based on the original Delphi version. Thank you!
  5. In the most important time bad things happens and my PC crashed all of a sudden and Windows Recovery is not helping either, giving only the option to reformat. We have a licensed for Delphi 10.4 but we decided not to renew subscription. Now after OS installation, I need to re-install Delphi again then I get this error that I need to update my subscription? Am I not allowed to use my Delphi license again?
  6. misc_bb

    Working with SVG in OpenXML SDK in Delphi

    I haven't tried the integrity check of the XML file although I do check/compare them in VC with those generated by Word itself but I'll try your suggestions. Thanks! 🙂
  7. misc_bb

    Working with SVG in OpenXML SDK in Delphi

    I've been working with Delphi and OOXML for a few weeks now and although its a bit tedious setting everything but generating simple documents is becoming handy. This has been my starting guide: https://blogs.msmvps.com/bsonnino/2021/05/15/creating-openxml-files-with-delphi/?unapproved=5149&moderation-hash=435cc9a4d4ae1108be452c23b773f04f#comment-5149 Thanks to Sir Bruno! The only problem I cannot figure out is this prompt when opening the docx file generated from Delphi, see attached image. I'm not exactly sure if I can get rid of it but I would like to know if anyone else working with OOXML in Delphi if you have encountered the same?
  8. yes, I think I'm on that direction now as I continue testing and working out a solution. Thanks @angusj Got it figure out now! Thanks everyone!
  9. @angusj Not really my intention to bypass. But basically we just want to create the svg file directly using the svg code. In the processing context, I'm not sure exactly if it bypasses the rendering process. I hope I am making sense now 🙂 I was happy working with Image32 but boss wants me to use ImageEN because he purchased it
  10. Since SVG is composed of XML, I also tried using XMLdocument but loading the content of the file already gave me errors probably because of text layers? (but i still test it again). So basically reading the file or encoding it probably hopefully is the way to go.
  11. We are currently dealing with rendering SVG images dynamically and we want to render the SVG using the svg code. Reading the svg code from a text file causing some text to be converted to something. What's the best approach for this one? Convert to UTF-8? Currently trying to create using a TMemoryStream then save the stream to a file via ImageEN but svg text/code gets converted to ascii.
  12. @angusj Thank you so much! The font manager works like a charm!
  13. Thanks Angus, I was actually considering this documentation from the site: http://www.angusj.com/delphi/image32/Docs/Units/Img32.Fmt.SVG/_Body.htm then I realized this was only a mere change of format maybe that's why the text layers were not considered. And when I applied the SVG101 for the same svg file it did show the text layers. Although they are a bit messed up due to the font styles but that's another story. How about without going through an ImagePanel will it still work? I'm seeing an error when I tried just declaring/creating ImagePanel on the fly without the actual component in the form. The error comes in during the LoadFromFile.
  14. @angusj I've tried converting SVG to PNG, are text layers not included during conversion or I maybe missing something? I just followed the example code. Thank you.
  15. misc_bb

    Could not load OpenSSL library.

    Just encountered the same problem here. I have a working ISAPI / IIS config with Winserver 2012 r2 but running a new setup now. Running an ISAPI 64bit application under a new Windows 2019 server. Placed the DLLs in the same folder as the app but still can't load it. @Yaron May I know which version of the DLLs did you used? Update: placing in DLLs in SysWow64 seems to work