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  1. I had somethging else in mind, for Delphi to incorporate features, for example if it supports attributes then ATTRIBUTES would be defined and instead of writing IF CompilerVersion > XX you would say $IF ATTRIBUTES... So from that point on, you wouldn't this .inc file at all, Delphi would support all these checks.
  2. If it's incorporated into the compiler there's no additional file needed for Delphi itself. it will understand all of these and add something new as time goes. Library author can include this file into the library as a fallback for older versions.
  3. Agree, I wish EMB incorporate it to Delphi.
  4. igors

    Remote control of Word no longer working

    Perhaps it's related to Office, I also have 365 and OLE interface works. Before OLE was only supported in Professional Office versions, I don't know if there are multiple versions for 365.