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  1. Ralf7

    Delphi compatibility with Windows 11?

    I don't know what kind of problems people always have. If Window 11 doesn't work, just don't take it. Delphi 11 will probably not be compatible then either. Case done. Just don't take it. Still using Delphi 10 and waiting 2 years for all problems to be resolved.
  2. Ralf7

    RAD Studio 11 Alexandria is now available

    That is correct. But also the spirit.
  3. Ralf7

    RAD Studio 11 Alexandria is now available

    As a Turbo Pascal user from the first hour, I am still following the development of Delphi with interest. I got out with Delphi XE and am amazed to find that people are still struggling with the same problems as they were 30+ years ago. Problems that also occur at other companies, but are completely fixed after a few weeks. Nothing gets better at "Borland".
  4. Ralf7

    Delphi 10.4 - Steps of Error Insight

    I didn't really expect this to work in 10.4 now.
  5. I don't understand the license yet. Do I need a FastMM5 license ($ 99) for every program I sell?