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  1. Ole Ekerhovd

    Rest request fails with error 406

    Thanks Zoran, now it's working fine. Had to set: Accept as */* Accept encoding as gzip,deflate Regards Ole
  2. Hi Delphi Tokyo. I try to make a Rest request using Delhpi Rest Debugger (a really simple one), but it fails with an error 406 Not acceptable. Basic authentication is used. When I make the exact same request using Postman there is no error and I get a valid response. Anybody with similar experiense? Regards Ole
  3. Ole Ekerhovd


    Thanks Remy, really appreciate it. Regards, Ole
  4. This code gives an error, "Invalid Pointer Operation". It's the aBlob.Free that triggers the error. What's wrong in my code? I should Free I guess? var aBlob : TBlobField; aStream : TStream; try ablob:=aQuery.fieldbyname('Memo') as tblobfield; astream:=Tmemorystream.Create; astream := aquery.CreateBlobStream(ablob, bmRead); amemo.Lines.LoadFromStream(astream); finally ablob.Free; astream.Free; end;