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  1. Yes, it is not a problem of resolution or light. The focusing is very too long to be acceptable and depends certainly of the smartphone model. Is it not possible to help the focusing (for exemple with the definition of a specific area in the image given by camera)?
  2. Unbelievable! it works! Thank you for your help Vandrovnik!
  3. Hi, In a Android App, I start a CameraComponent with the following code: When the image capture is done, I stop the camera with the following code: When I want to capture a new picture, the setting "CameraComponent1.Quality := TVideoCaptureQuality.MediumQuality" is no longer applied, the camera use its default setting! Where is the problem? In my code or in the CameraComponent?
  4. Hi everyone, Context: Development of an Android app with FMX that requires a smartphone to take a picture of a label and then extract data from the image. My problem: I use the CameraComponent and it's a pain to get an image that doesn't look like an artistic blur. Big problem with focusing. 1. As we are used to from Embarcadero, we have a lot of poor documentation. Thanks again to Embarcadero for the help indicating "Embarcadero Technologies has no further information at this time. Please help us document this topic using the Discussion page!" 2. With a "CameraComponent1.FocusMode := FMX.Media.TFocusMode.AutoFocus" the image is permanently blurred. 3. With a "CameraComponent1.FocusMode:= FMX.Media.TFocusMode.ContinuousAutoFocus", the image is sharp from time to time and the rest of the time, the image returned by the camera shows a focusing that is searching but... not finding the right setting. 4. There doesn't seem to be a Macro mode (which would indicate to the FocusMode that you are limited to close-ups). Has anyone experienced this problem before? What would be the best approach to solve this problem? Create a Macro mode? Create a manual focus by indicating a limited area of the image that needs to be "focused"? Any ideas and opinions are welcome...