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  1. Hi, In an Android application, how can we catch the exception that is triggered when we make a REST request that remains unanswered. The following code does not work. When we launch the REST request, the app freezes until the REST timeout is exceeded and then Android displays a message "the app does not respond" try //Blabla... except on E: Exception do begin //blabla... end; end;
  2. Thanks for all answers!
  3. @vfbbStarting from an empty project, I have done your example successfully. Now I have my standard icons (.png files up to 144 pixels). How can I use my .png files as Adaptive Icon? I have converted a .png file to .svg (I obtain about hundred different "d=" lines!... I concatenated them to have only one "d="), but in the end I obtain only on the Android device a white square as icon. I have as "ic_laucher_background.xml": <vector xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android" android:width="108dp" android:height="108dp" android:viewportWidth="108.0" android:viewportHeight="108.0"> <path android:name="square" android:fillColor="#ffffffff" android:pathData="M0,0 L108,0 L108,108 L0,108 z" /> </vector> I have as "ic_launcher_foreground.xml" <vector xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android" xmlns:aapt="http://schemas.android.com/aapt" android:width="108dp" android:height="108dp" android:viewportWidth="108" android:viewportHeight="108"> <path android:name="square" android:fillColor="#ffffffff" android:pathData="M1590 1370 c0 -5 5 -10 10 ..........." /> </vector> Is this the right approach to tranform my .png icons in adaptives icons?
  4. I must be a fool because I tried to follow the examples of both Dalija and vfbb and it doesn't work with Delphi Rio: I still have the basic icons (the Delphi flame). In my case, it's the customized Android OS of the device manufacturer that shown my icon with an external white frame. Are the adptative icons the only solution to remove this problem or is there an alternative way to disable this customized behavior?
  5. @corneliusdavid: Yes! I wrote " On Android 10, the app icon is reduced to a small size with a huge white frame around it". I tried it on another Android 10 device and the icons appear normal. So the problem is not with Android 10 but with the use of Android 10 by the device manufacturer. I tried to add files through "Project > Deployment": I can add a file but I can't modify the corresponding values, I end up with an empty value under "Local path" and the value "file" under "Type" without being able to edit and modify the values linked to the added file. @ dalija.prasnikar: I looked at your zip. So if I understand correctly: I don't modify in "Project > deployment" the icons defined by Delphi via "Project > options" I add the files of the additional icons in "Project > deployment" I modify the manifest.xml file Is this correct?
  6. Thank you for your answer. But I don't see how to put the proposed solution into practice. With Delphi Rio in the project options, you can only set for the icons .png files with the right resolution (if for the 144x144 icon, you propose an image with another size, Delphi detects it and refuses the proposed file). So the stories of adaptive icons and other vector images, I do not see how to add them to my project. Is it by modifying the manifest.xml file?
  7. Hello, I developed an FMX app for Android with Delphi Rio. On Android 9, the app icon is well readable. On Android 10, the app icon is reduced to a small size with a huge white frame around it. Here are 2 examples: Some apps have a "full size" icon (Editor++) and others an icon with a huge white frame (Droid Info). Does anyone know a solution to have a full size icon without the white frame?
  8. Fabian1648

    [Android]How to make an event listener?

    Thanks for your answers
  9. Fabian1648

    [Android]How to make an event listener?

    Hello, Is there a solution with FMX to have an events listener that detects all the events that are triggered in an app? Thanks for all
  10. I am developing an app that connects to a server with an invalid certificate (because the server only has an IP address and no URL). With Delphi Rio, my app makes REST requests using the token provided by the server. If I compile the same app with Delphi Sydney, the REST requests end with an "invalid or missing server certificate" error. Has a change been made in Sydney to deny the REST connection in case of an invalid certificate?
  11. Hi, In an Delphi Rio FMX app, how can we get the name of the control if we click on it? In a VCL, we can use: ctrl := FindVCLWindow(Mouse.CursorPos) ; ShowMessage(ctrl.Name); Is there a similar approach for FMX?
  12. Hello, I want to display a "loading in progress" screen while a REST request is retrieving data from a server (execution time: 1.5 seconds with Windows, 6 seconds with Android): On click of a button on the initial form, the app display the "loading in progress" screen and start the REST request. At the end of the REST request, return to the initial form. 1) With windows, if I use the following code: The "loading in progress screen" is displayed after the end of the REST request. 2) With windows, if I use the following code: The "loading in progress screen" is displayed and the REST request start. But on Android, it doesn't work: The REST request runs but the screen "loading in progress screen" is never displayed. How can I proceed to have the right behavior? Thank for your help
  13. Fabian1648

    [Rio][FMX]How to compile for iOS without an Apple device?

    MacIncloud writes on their website that MacIncloud has a partnership with Embarcadero. But in their "Featured Tools and Applications", they write... "RAD PASERVER XE8, XE7, XE6" It looks rather old... Is compatibility with RAD PaServer still available today?
  14. Hi, I am asked to compile for iOS an app that was previously developed for Android. Not being a customer of Apple products and having to meet only a one-shot need, the purchase of an Apple product is not on the agenda. I have heard that there are websites that offer the possibility to remotely compile for Apple devices or that it was possible to go through a virtual OS (installation of a Mac OS via VirtualBox or VMware on a windows PC). Does anyone have any experience on the subject? What is the best solution based on your experience? Thank you for your opinion
  15. Hi, I discovered on my test smartphone (samsung) that I can change the display mode of the virtual keyboard: Put it in a "floating keyboard" mode. This solves the problem since you can move the keyboard so that it no longer covers the input field. 3 questions arise: 1. Does this possibility exist on all Android smartphones and/or on all versions of the Android OS? 2. Question 1 for iOS smartphones 3. Is it possible to force this "floating keypad" mode via programming? Thank you for your feedback