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  1. I believe breakpoints have a "pass count", right click on the red dot to set it. It might save your sanity.
  2. You might try googling "Microsoft UI Automation", MS's accessibility interface. If the other program is somewhat recent, you may be able to access it's user interface. I have used it to access controls in an external program that controlled a camera . It's not a quick and dirty solution as it involves COM, but it's really powerful. I think there might be a third party Delphi interface available for it. I haven't used it since XE6. Dan
  3. Does anyone have any experience in using Python4Delphi with Linux, more specifically with the Raspberry Pi 4? I need to grab images from the RPi camera in code, but have been unable to find any examples of how to do this that aren't Python. Python has a really nice camera interface which would nice to use. RPi's mmal c interface to the camera is an option, but looks difficult to access from lazarus. Any help or ideas is appreciated! Dan
  4. Hi, Using the web interface is it possible to flag comments by certain individuals to be hidden or ignored? Thanks