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  1. Its really helpful And useful thank you very much
  2. the component that i used to capture the microphone is http://www.lakeofsoft.com/ well try to create the encoder and the decoder outside of capture event usually i should use the encoder outside of the capture event the code i posted just to demonstrate how i use the wrapper
  3. i use this wrapper to encode/decode https://github.com/DelphiForAudio/delphi-opus-wrapper/blob/master/uLibOpus.pas here is what i am doing uses uLibOpus; const cFRAME_SIZE = 640; cSAMPLE_RATE = 16000; cCHANNELS = 1; cAPPLICATION = OPUS_APPLICATION_VOIP; cBITRATE = 500; cMAX_PACKET_SIZE = 1280; procedure TForm1.recDataAvailable(sender: unavclInOutPipe; data: Pointer; len: Cardinal); var encoder: TOpusEncoder; decoder: TOpusDecoder; OpusEncoded : Tbytes; OpusDecoded : Tbytes; frame_size : integer; nbBytes : integer; begin if (data <> nil) and (len > 0) then begin //// Opus Encode encoder := opus_encoder_create(cSAMPLE_RATE, cCHANNELS, cAPPLICATION, encoderError); try SetLength(OpusEncoded, cMAX_PACKET_SIZE); nbBytes := opus_encode(encoder, data^, cFRAME_SIZE, Pointer(OpusEncoded)^, cMAX_PACKET_SIZE); if nbBytes > 0 then begin SetLength(OpusEncoded, nbBytes); //udRecive.Send(OpusEncoded, Length(OpusEncoded)); end; finally opus_encoder_destroy(encoder); end; //// End encoder Opus ////decoder opus decoder := opus_decoder_create(cSAMPLE_RATE, cCHANNELS, encoderError); try SetLength(OpusDecoded, cMAX_PACKET_SIZE); frame_size := opus_decode(decoder, Pointer(OpusEncoded)^, Length(OpusEncoded), Pointer(OpusDecoded)^, cFRAME_SIZE, 0); SetLength(OpusDecoded, frame_size); ply.write(OpusDecoded, length(OpusDecoded)); finally opus_decoder_destroy(decoder); end; /// End decoder Opus end; the decoded sound is very noisy and choppy i think i am missing something or doing something wrong
  4. Skullcode

    Twsocket udp how to get the exact buffersize that received ? ?

    I am coming from a Java/Kotlin background using a UDP client in those platforms are different that's why I was really confused about receiving the event, the socket demo of ICS is very unorganized, for someone who doesn't have solid knowledge in Delphi As me, in other platforms a UDP client have a parameter in the receiving event That holds the bytes received and ready to use. I am reading each reply and I am trying to digest to understand better
  5. Skullcode

    Twsocket udp how to get the exact buffersize that received ? ?

    Thank you very much for clarification i do something like this now var OUR_MAX_UDP_BUFFER : integer; MBytes: TBytes; BytesReceived : integer; begin OUR_MAX_UDP_BUFFER := 4 * 1024; setLength(MBytes, OUR_MAX_UDP_BUFFER); BytesReceived := udRecive.Receive(MBytes, length(MBytes)); if BytesReceived > 0 then begin setLength(MBytes, BytesReceived); //use the Mbytes as it needed it is working but is what I am doing is correct? i am trying to handle it in a best way possible
  6. I am trying to receive some bytes that I have sent. but I am not able to specify the length of the byte since I do not know how to get the size of received bytes. currently, I do procedure TForm1.udReciveDataAvailable(Sender: TObject; ErrCode: Word); var MBytes: TBytes; begin setLength(MBytes, 0); udRecive.Receive(MBytes, length(MBytes)); but it always returns 0 length because I do set the length to 0 since I don't know how to set it to the exact length of the received Packet how do I know the exact length of the received packet to set it to the Mbytes variable?
  7. Skullcode

    how to use this wrapper of opus ?

    I have found this wrapper for opus encoding and decoding https://github.com/DelphiForAudio/delphi-opus-wrapper but I am confused on how to use it to encode/decode PCM audio data here is my PCM data coming from procedure TForm1.recDataAvailable(sender: unavclInOutPipe; data: Pointer; len: Cardinal); begin // I am not sure how to encode the data and its length using that wrapper // the example shows encoding decoding to wave files not directly to TBytes end;
  8. i use Twsocket as udp Client that is communicating with udpserver the server sends data in Bytes and the client should Receive This Data in Bytes as well i have tried the following based on what i see in the Demo Sample of OverbyteIcsUdpLstn Demo procedure TMainForm.WSocketDataAvailable(Sender: TObject; Error: Word); var aBytes : Tbytes; begin wsocket.Receive(aBytes, length(aBytes)); //... end; but this freezes the application and immediately crashed
  9. Skullcode

    converting this TidBytes code To Tbytes

    in my example i am stuck in sending those Bytes i am using Twsocket UDP that's what i do var ABytes: TBytes; EncodedBytes: TBytes; bytesHead : TBytes; baseaudio : string; begin baseaudio := 'Audio1'; SetLength(ABytes, len); Move(data^, ABytes[0], len); EncodedBytes := Encodeaudio(ABytes); SetLength(bytesHead, 6 + Length(EncodedBytes)); TEncoding.UTF8.GetBytes(baseaudio, 1, 6, bytesHead, 0); Move(EncodedBytes, bytesHead[6], Length(EncodedBytes)); wsocketudp.Send(bytesHead, Length(bytesHead)) when i send the data without adding header it sent just fine what is my Mistake ? the exception raised First chance exception at $004072A3. Exception class $C0000005 with message 'access violation at 0x004072a3: read of address 0x0bd600d8'. Process room.exe (5680) at this Line Move(EncodedBytes, bytesHead[6], Length(EncodedBytes));
  10. Skullcode

    converting this TidBytes code To Tbytes

    i already Converted the RawToBytes To Tbytes as i posted up there var Bytes: TBytes; SetLength(Bytes, len); Move(data^, Bytes[0], len); i am confused to do the copying line CopyTIdString('Audio1', Bytes, 0); CopyTIdBytes(RawToBytes(Buffer^, Buffersize), 0, Bytes, 6, Buffersize); CopyTidstring requires TidBytes
  11. Skullcode

    converting this TidBytes code To Tbytes

    i found this code in another forum var Bytes: TidBytes; Bytes := RawToBytes(data^, len); SetLength(Bytes, 6 + Buffersize); CopyTIdString('Audio1', Bytes, 0); CopyTIdBytes(RawToBytes(Buffer^, Buffersize), 0, Bytes, 6, Buffersize); any idea how to convert it To TBytes i am not sure how to assign the Pointer data and do the exact same things with copying string using Tbytes var Bytes: TBytes; SetLength(Bytes, len); Move(data^, Bytes[0], len);
  12. Skullcode

    this regex function gets unexpected results at some cases

    From where this dots came up it is no in the string i posted very weird
  13. i use this Regex function to check if the string have a Characters that I specify in the pattern on not Function CheckCharsinString(const astr: string):Boolean; var Regexs : TRegEx; i : integer; svalue : string; Allowed : string; begin svalue := Trim(astr); if Regexs.IsMatch(svalue, '^[ء-يA-Za-z0-9٠-٩⁰-⁹$™®©¤?@~<>«»✿❢•°،‘♔ہ¹ے;✧¢¯☆⊱٭✰❥¨.,’^*()%!\s-]+$') then begin Result := True; end else begin Result := False; end; end; when i check the following string CheckCharsinString('✿شـ❢ـوكـ❢ـ‏‏ Dan✿') it always Return False. it should return True sense all that chars i use is in regex pattern . what is my Mistake ?
  14. Skullcode

    Opus codec

    i am trying to build a voice communication app by sending a data from microphone to a Tcpserver and send it back to connected Clients i am looking for a component that can get a micrpohone audio input in bytes using opus codec in order to be able to send this data in real time . is there any known library in delphi VCL that can capture audio input data that encoded to opus codec ?
  15. Skullcode

    TWebBrowser very Weird Behavior with Gif images

    Yes its very weird i guess its a bug with twebbrowser on reading similar gif names in multiple instances