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  1. Skullcode

    Twsocket Tcp Client

    can you guide me on how to update the memo safely in that case ? i am expecting to receive a lot of data
  2. Skullcode

    Twsocket Tcp Client

    is it safe to access VCL Controls directly from Twsocket DataAvailable event. or it needs to be synchronized ? as example procedure Tchatu.wsocketDataAvailable(Sender: TObject; ErrCode: Word); var datastr : string; begin datastr := wsocket.ReceiveStrW(CP_UTF8); memo1.lines.add(datastr); end; is it safe that way ?
  3. Skullcode

    Looping </>

    You should use the code blocks and insert the code within the forum, posting screen shots of the code wont help You should think twice before using TMEMO as a list handler You can create an object that holds your preferred variables and add the object to a list and use it accordingly
  4. Skullcode

    Regex Validate string

    current i use this function is it fine or more correction needed ? Function Checkstr(const astr: string):Boolean; var Regexs : TRegEx; i : integer; svalue : string; Allowed : string; begin svalue := Trim(astr); for i := 1 to Length(svalue) do begin if Regexs.IsMatch(svalue[i], '^[ء-يA-Za-z0-9$&+=?@#~<>.^*()%!\s]+$') then begin Allowed := 'YES'; end else begin Allowed := 'NO'; Break; end; end; if Allowed = 'YES' then begin Result := True; end else begin Result := False; end; end;
  5. Skullcode

    Regex Validate string

    i am trying to validate an input that will be written by a client and trying to prevent special charcters and allow only alphabets arabic and english
  6. Skullcode

    Regex Validate string

    i have create this function in order to allow arabic and english letters and numbers only in a string var Regexs : TRegEx; begin if Regexs.IsMatch(astr, '[ء-ي-A-Z-a-z-0-9 ]+') then begin Result := True; end else begin Result := False; end; if i type the string as example abcdefgÄ the result returned True and i did not specfiy Ä in the regex pattern how to make regex match return true with the given pattern only ?
  7. Skullcode

    Vcl rtmp camera publish component?

    Is there any known component for rtmp camera publish to rtmp server ?
  8. Skullcode

    Help to port this component to delphi rio

    i have tested the component you provide but there is some downfalls 1 Stereomix device produce a huge noise 2 when change audio level during play the whole app freezes unless i am doing something wrong here is a demo you can test
  9. Skullcode

    Help to port this component to delphi rio

    The following component is quite old and its seems that the author stopped from upgrading it and released it to source forge as open source It is compile and installed on delphi rio but with many warnings any idea on how to make this component friendly with delphi rio and above? https://sourceforge.net/projects/waveaudiopkg/