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  1. Skullcode

    Opus codec

    i am trying to build a voice communication app by sending a data from microphone to a Tcpserver and send it back to connected Clients i am looking for a component that can get a micrpohone audio input in bytes using opus codec in order to be able to send this data in real time . is there any known library in delphi VCL that can capture audio input data that encoded to opus codec ?
  2. Skullcode

    TWebBrowser very Weird Behavior with Gif images

    Yes its very weird i guess its a bug with twebbrowser on reading similar gif names in multiple instances
  3. Skullcode

    TWebBrowser very Weird Behavior with Gif images

    Any one tested and get same results? Is it a bug with twebbrowser itself?
  4. Skullcode

    TWebBrowser very Weird Behavior with Gif images

    another example with Twebbrowser it cause same result the gif is included you can place it where the exe located webbrowser example.zip
  5. Skullcode

    TWebBrowser very Weird Behavior with Gif images

    this is a minimal example for better understanding webbrowser example.zip
  6. i have created two Forms Form 1 Form 2 each form has TWebBrowser Control now i have a Gif that i call its name Foo.gif <img src="Foo.gif" border="0" /> when i load this image in form1 TWebBrowser its animated normally . when i load it in Form2 TWebBrowserit doesn't animated i am Adding this gif once at run Time To each form when form Created also i notice that this happened if the gif that i try to load to another TWebBrowser have the same name so if i load foo.gif in form1 it will animate in form1 hence when loaded to Form2 TWebBrowser and it got the same name of the previously loaded one it doesn't animate in Form2 TWebBrowser any idea why this behavior happened ?
  7. Skullcode

    Tbutton Flashing

    can i have flashwindow effect to be applied on a VCL Tbutton Control ?
  8. Skullcode

    check if App Minimized

    when i minimize My Vcl Application i do the following check in a Timer if WindowState = wsMinimized then begin //do some logging end; but this if condition doesn't detect whether the app is Minimized or not any idea how to detect if the app Minimized ?
  9. is this a correct way to check if the Twsocket client is connected ? if wsocket1 .State = wsConnected then //do something
  10. Skullcode

    Form border Style bsNone Covers taskbar

    i have a form with bsNone borderStyle when i execute WindowState := wsMaximized; the taskbar became totally covered how can i avoid that ?
  11. is there any way to read the microphone volume and sound output volume ? in windows 10 the microphone level property is a range from 0 To 100 also the sound level is a range from 0 to 100 how can i read that ?
  12. Skullcode

    Twsocket Tcp Client miss some packets

    The server is built with Java, i dont think that the issue within the server sense i already have another client in java works properly. also tested in Delphi Tidtcpclient and it works Fine without missing packets. in Twsocket i am not doing anything special , i have just placed Twsocket then ondataAvailable Event i read the data procedure TForm1.asockDataAvailable(Sender: TObject; ErrCode: Word); var datastr : string; begin datastr := asock.ReceiveStrW(CP_UTF8); Memo1.lines.add(datastr); end; The server is using CRLF for each packet maybe this is an issue ?
  13. Skullcode

    Twsocket Tcp Client miss some packets

    i am using Twsocket as a TcpClient to communicate with a tcpserver the server sends a packet in loop that should be received by the connected Client but Twsocket doesnt read all packets that sent by the server it reads one and miss another and read again and miss one again . is it a normal behavior by Twsocket ? i tested with TidtcpClient and it reads all packets normally no matter what
  14. Skullcode

    Twsocket Tcp Client

    can you guide me on how to update the memo safely in that case ? i am expecting to receive a lot of data
  15. Skullcode

    Twsocket Tcp Client

    is it safe to access VCL Controls directly from Twsocket DataAvailable event. or it needs to be synchronized ? as example procedure Tchatu.wsocketDataAvailable(Sender: TObject; ErrCode: Word); var datastr : string; begin datastr := wsocket.ReceiveStrW(CP_UTF8); memo1.lines.add(datastr); end; is it safe that way ?