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  1. Hi François Thank you - I downloaded version 8.58 direct from your website and it now installs and works perfectly! The version I had (actually found and downloaded version 8.60 in March) was from http://wiki.overbyte.eu/wiki/index.php/ICS_Download possibly it was a daily build version that was incomplete? Not sure exactly what the issue was but does not matter now, thanks for your help. Razzi
  2. Hi I used the wonderful ICS suite around 18 or so years ago in Delphi 5 when I worked at my old company. I recently found it again and downloaded the latest version, but I am failing at the very first hurdle, installing it! I am using Delphi XE7 Professional edition. If I try to load the DXe7Install.groupproj project group or if I try to load the packages individually, starting with IcsVclDXe7Run.dproj then I get this error: Fatal error -1072896762. The character '<' cannot be used in an attribute value. Line 277, column 9. Can anybody help? thanks.