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  1. Hi all. After formatting some lines of message as code (</>) I can not find out how to edit lines in "code section". Is this possible?
  2. AlexBelo

    Edit code section in post

    Ah, as easy as doubleclick. Thank you.
  3. No. 🙂 My allegation about lists of objects is not right. (I investigated this problem too long ago; memory fail me.) More accurate info: unit Graphics; { FreeMemoryContexts is called by the VCL main winproc to release memory DCs after every message is processed (garbage collection). Only memory DCs not locked by other threads will be freed. } procedure FreeMemoryContexts; var I: Integer; begin with BitmapCanvasList.LockList do try for I := Count-1 downto 0 do with TBitmapCanvas(Items[I]) do if TryLock then try FreeContext; finally Unlock; end; finally BitmapCanvasList.UnlockList; end; end; unit Controls; procedure TWinControl.MainWndProc(var Message: TMessage); begin try try WindowProc(Message); finally FreeDeviceContexts; FreeMemoryContexts; end; except Application.HandleException(Self); end; end; So main thread (where MainWndProc works) fairly often deselects unlocked memory contexts. It causes all kinds of problems in background threads which use bitmaps without locking.
  4. GDI objects like brushes are in global list. RTL browses this list in main thread on every idle event and deletes all unused objects; locking any canvas simply disables updating of the list. If you (or some 3-d party library) somewhere do not lock a canvas in backgrownd thread it is possible that some object (brush in your case) is already deleted or/and overwritten but your code is still using old element in list. As a result you can see erratic behaviour of any kind.
  5. If problem is not in skipped code then this is a bug. I suspect that you do something wrong with canvas(es) somewhere in your program. Locking canvas should work. BTW, Do you use TJPEGImage.Draw in your threads? This method had a bug (no canvas lock) in old versions. Also, do you copy bmps in thread(s)? I know for sure (after a lot of experiments) that both canvases must be locked in this case. Moreover, to be sure that bmp is really copied in this "safe locked" state you need to modify target bmp (assign a pixel to itself for example); this creates real copy of data in target bmp (instead of reference on source data).
  6. AlexBelo

    Is this C++ builders new FORUM ???

    🙂. But (IMHO) dropping of official forum was really wrong decision. In old days (since ~2000 year) I usually started my day from browsing of official newsgroups (in good old plain text and very handy tree format of messages) and I still have a huge collection of answers in "how to ..." style from famous specialists like Peter Below, Remy, and many others. After end of NG civilization there is no default place where I can get help from gurus and be well informed. Yes, you can say that there are many such places but "many" means "scattered" in this context ...
  7. AlexBelo

    Is this C++ builders new FORUM ???

    To shave off costs they had to pass housekeeping of official forum to volunteers. Also a product without good community will not be very popular and merchantable therefore.
  8. AlexBelo

    Is this C++ builders new FORUM ???

    So they droped comunity forums (and archives) at all ... Congratulations to all of us, nothing to say ... .. . . .
  9. Hi all. Any chance to see NNTP version of the forum (at least read only version)? IMHO NNTP readers (like XanaNews) are much more handy for quick viewing of forums... -- Alex
  10. Yes, I agree completely. And I still don't read new EMBT forums at all: any attempt to read them produces only another paroxysm of aversion.
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    New official Embarcadero forums online

    Looks ugly (slow, pile of unsorted posts, etc.)... Bring me back my lovely NNTP format...
  12. Thank you for information again. BTW, I have 3 another simple questions: - how to paste in editor window without formatting by default ? (yes, I can use ctrl+right click but it is quite annoying) - how to remove all formatting from already pasted text ? (for example, I can not change font) - is this possible to see threads in "tree manner" ? (for example, I see your answers without indents so it is impossible to find out visually if this is "initial" answer or continuation of dialogue.)
  13. AlexBelo

    OTA Interface Search 1.2

    David, thank you for your tool and information. I'm still using RAD2007. Compiled version from your site http://www.davidghoyle.co.uk/WordPress/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/OTAIntfSearch-1.2.zip is quite enough to me at moment. Perhaps one day I'll port my own expert (debug time array inspector) to modern RAD version using your tool. -- Alex
  14. AlexBelo

    OTA Interface Search 1.2

    Hi David. What RAD versions are supported in your tool? -- Alex
  15. Hi Daniel. > No, sorry. Absolutely no chance. Thank you for information. 😞 I've stopped participation in EMBT community when old forum was closed because new "forum" is nearly unreadable (Remy heroically continues posting there; I really don't undestand how he have so much endurance). There was announcement from Jim McKeeth "The Embarcadero Community Squirrel Wrangler" https://community.embarcadero.com/forum/welcome-mat/9762-forums-embarcadero-com-is-up about "brand new Community & Forum site that will combine the best of both forums.embarcdero.com and community.embarcadero.com". Have anybody know if official EMBT forum has any progress in usability? -- Alex