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  1. This book looks like it is going to be invaluable to me and my team. I have a 20 year old project and nearly everything in the book applies to it. I'm buying three more copies to give to my co-developers.
  2. Bought it! This looks like something I can really use! Thanks, Rob C
  3. RCrandall

    What is this IDE feature called?

    Thanks for the name and the tip!
  4. I'm looking at the IDE for 10.4.2 and specifically at the part that is circled in red in the attached screenshot. Does anyone know what this is called so that I can Google it for troubleshooting? I've drawn a complete blank! Normally this feature would tell you which method you are currently in, but in 90% of the cases for me it is blank. This is true in Delphi 11 too. The one time I went to take a screenshot it worked! For all I know there is a setting somewhere, or some tweak I can make, that will make it work more reliably but I don't even know what to call it to get started searching. It would be wonderful if it worked reliably. Thanks all, Rob Crandall
  5. Hello everyone. I'm happy to report that Mr. Uwe Rabbe got me going on this. I shared some further details with him and he was able to come up with code that worked. Darned if I know what is different that caused the problem, but heck, it works, and from this solid foundation I can now work outwards and learn the rest and perhaps even identify what my original problem traced back to. Thanks Uwe! I genuflect in your general direction. Regards, Rob Crandall
  6. I too am a big fan of visualizing the raw data and I have been trying to do just this. Fishing that info out of the components is harder than it looks when they are wrappers for OS functions but something like Wireshark could be the real answer. Thanks for reminding me about it. I've never used it but it might be time to get acquainted with it! Thanks, Rob C P.S. I love your list of Delphi stuff btw and visit your website regularly to see what is new.
  7. Thank you, I will check this out! I'm hoping that a combination of helpful sample code will put me on the right track! This gives me another three to play with. Rob C
  8. Yes, I believe I do have that info. The people at the server end are part of a related company and trying to help but are too busy to really do much. They pointed me to their internal dev wiki that has brief info, and then something called Swagger that I believe uses WSDL to show all the nitty-gritty details complete with CURL examples of usage. This took a while to parse out but I am able to get results in Swagger and the equivalent code, as near as I can make it, fails in Delphi. It could be something super simple or something super complex - I just cannot tell. The thing is, this is a commercial entity and I can't just share this info to the world. I'm using 10.4.2 under Windows 10 btw. This is a new experience for me. I'm wondering now if I should try out an online service-for-hire place for Delphi programmers. Does this sound like a good idea or is this a well-travelled route to the bad place? I just don't know. Thanks, Rob
  9. I'm new to REST and trying to communicate with web services generally. I have lots of experience with other areas of coding in Delphi but no background whatever for web services. I now have a task to get a web service client going and have done a complete face plant. Often I used to be able to get a new library of components and work out from the docs and the properties/methods of the components what needed to be done. It required a bit of patience and Googling but it worked. This isn't working this time - the new task is just a whole order of complexity above what I have time for now. By any chance, has anyone used the standard TRestClient / TRestRequest / TRestResponse components in real life? Can you possibly point me to a good write-up and/or working code that illustrates its use? I feel like I have looked everywhere and come up with just fragments, most of which don't seem to work. In the alternative, if anyone knows their way around this area and had the time to help me directly, I could come up with some money to make it happen. I have a clear requirement I'm trying to satisfy and I've got a test program that connects to the web service (or at least appears to) and I can send and parse the results of GET requests successfully. I'm flummoxed trying to get the first POST request to work though. I appear not to have set up encoding correctly or some other gotcha because of my lack of background knowledge. My specific stopper right now is a "403, Forbidden: Content type 'multipart\/form-data' is not supported." I'm stuck on that and need help! Thanks in advance to anyone with suggestions or can help in some way, cheers, Rob Crandall
  10. RCrandall

    Is Graphics32 ready for Delphi 11 yet?

    Cool! While you were doing that I manned up and tried to find the problem myself. I updated the GR32_Compiler.inc file with some Delphi 11 info along the lines of the previous updated and darned if it didn't compile! I was astonished. Anyway, thank you Anders and I will very cheerfully use your package. My main hope was that Delphi 11 would not have the endless IDE problems with Code Insight and related, and so far it is working perfectly! More astonishment! Some days that start badly just end up being good days after all. Thanks everyone for your help. Cheers, Rob C
  11. RCrandall

    Is Graphics32 ready for Delphi 11 yet?

    Yes, and it reported 80 erorrs on the RX3 package and then 74 errors when I copied over the newer RX4 package. One or two I might be able to handle, but not that many. If only I knew just the right thing to do perhaps I could finesse it (that remains plan C for me) with some code or other changes, but that is a very deep dive to do right. Plan B is to ask here to see if anyone else has run into this, and Plan A is to keep Googling to find the people and comments that helped me get it working for Delphi 10.4. Sincere thanks to everyone for looking at this and making suggestions! Rob C
  12. I have a project that I'm trying to move from 10.4.2 to 11 and the very last library I need a new version for is Graphics32. As near as I can tell, it has not been brought up to Delphi 11 yet, but then I'm not very experienced with the nuts and bolts of this. I downloaded the latest from GitHub but it not seem to even cover Delphi 10.4, specifically is was missing the "RX4" folder in \Source\Packages that I needed for 10.4. My hazy recollection is that someone else contributed this at the time I got it. There were GitHub commits within the last two weeks do it clearly is not dead, but I'm at a loss to figure out what its present status is either. Is this project still being maintained? Just having the source is wonderful, of course, but I have no appetite or skill to try and do the conversion to Delphi 11 myself. Over the years, I've become very leary of trying to modify any third-party library in any way. I'm hoping to try out the improvements in Delphi 11 but I'm blocked. Can anyone point me to the right URL and tell me what the status of this library is? Thanks in advance, Rob Crandall
  13. Yes, I got Graphics32 and TImage32 mixed up but only because I have looked at TImage frequently over time too, and the demo graphics were instantly recognizable. It sucks getting old though. My unreserved apologies for the mistake. Rob Crandall
  14. Very cool! I love Image32 and have been using it for many years. Rob Crandall
  15. RCrandall

    Delphi 10.4.1 and the IDE FIx Pack

    ah, now i understand the situation. Thanks, Remy, for the very quick reply! I'll just wait patiently then and hope for the best. Rob Crandall