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  1. fj13

    Looping </>

    Sorry of course! I'm reading the data from a txt.file, because then it will be easier to read already existing new data. At least that's my plan. I hope that helps to understand.
  2. fj13

    Looping </>

    Hello! I'm new to Delphi and to programming in general I have a hard time realizing my idea. Maybe somebody here can help me.. I've a list of numbers, I've already imported into Delphi. Now I want to loop thru them and determine if the number is </> than 5. If smaller than 'Micro', if bigger than 'Macro' should be displayed beside the number. I'm stuck here! At the end it would be cool to count the total number of Macro and Micro, but I think I'm able to do that. I would really appreciate some help! Thanks!