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  1. By bad, it looks like the code does in fact execute synchronously..
  2. The GUI examples work fine for demonstration purposes, but how do I use the components to execute python code and get a result within my own code, i.e synchronous execution, or be notified when execution is done? e.g: S := PythonExec(input_script) Then I can use S in next line of code, or in an event that notifies script is done. Thanks
  3. Hi, The docs explicitly state that TOmniCounter is thread safe. Is the same true with TOmniValue?
  4. What does FGX stand for? 🙂
  5. RaelB

    Detect when user clicks down on scrollbar button?

    Thanks. So if a TForm is holding such a component, e.g. TVirtualStringTree, how can I write a method on the form, such that it will be receiving those scrolling messages from the VST?
  6. Hi, In a control with scrollbar, is it possible to detect when the user clicks down and then up on the middle scrollbar button (i.e. draggable part of the scrollbar)? Thanks
  7. Thanks, both solutions work for me. with the TSerializeJSON, I can make it a bit simpler (since I am really after a function) TSerializeJSON = class public class function ToJSON<T: class>(AList: TObjectList<T>) : string; end; Then i can call without declaring a variable 🙂
  8. Hi, I create object list collections as below: TNotes = class(TObjectList<TNote>) public ... end; TBooks = class(TObjectList<TBook>) public ... end; etc.. Is there a way I can write some generic code that will be able to take in TNotes or TBooks instances, for e.g.: function ListToJSONString(List: TObjectList<T>): string; begin ... end; I want to call as: s := ListToJSONString(FNotes) or s := ListToJSONString(FBooks) But the function does not compile... Can such a function be declared, or do I need to change my definition of TNotes and TBooks? (I don't like using TObjectList<TNote> or TObjectList<TBook> in my code, since I want to create local (i.e. public) methods for each list type, and it is also simpler writing TNotes instead of TObjectList<TNote> each time) Thanks
  9. Is using "TJSON.ObjectToJsonObject" to convert an object into a TJSONValue (and ultimately into a string). Is it possible for this conversion to leave out a specific field/fields, for e.g. using some type of attribute? For example: TPersistItem = class(TPersistent) private FChangeStatus: TChangeStatus; FId: Variant; FLoading: Boolean; procedure SetId(const Value: Variant); protected ... procedure SetChangeStatus(const Value: TChangeStatus); public ... published property ChangeStatus: TChangeStatus read FChangeStatus write SetChangeStatus; property Id: Variant read FId write SetId; end; I don't want fields "ChangeStatus" and "Loading" to be included in the result. Thanks
  10. RaelB

    Moving from Per Monitor V1 to V2

    yes, exactly..
  11. RaelB

    Moving from Per Monitor V1 to V2

    Hi, I ask this question because I don't have 2 monitors so I can't test this for myself. Is moving from Per Monitor V1 to Per Monitor V2 "only good and no bad", or does one need to take care of certain things when making the move? By "only good and no bad", I mean there will be advantages, however, if certain V2 related events are not handled, the behaviour will default to V1 behaviour.. Thanks Rael
  12. RaelB

    Delphi Package Manager - choices?

    Thanks for the info :).
  13. RaelB

    Delphi Package Manager - choices?

    So how do you manage working in an IDE with all those different lib versions? - Do you use specific IDE's for specific projects? - Are you using any tools to help you with that?.. Peter Below, once told me this: Perhaps you are using this idea..
  14. Can one include a TDataModule with DB components in a console application? I tried to do so, and was encountering some errors in the IDE (Delphi 10.3). Well that just might be a temporary thing in the IDE, or is this something one should not/can not do? Thanks