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  1. I'm using VirtualTree 7.6.1, in Delphi Sydney (10.4) I do implement some custom painting in BeforeCellPaint, AfterCellPaint, AfterItemErase, AfterItemPaint and PaintText. However, the below problem occurs even when I remove all these custom paint event handlers. As in below video, when scrolling with the scrollbar, painting is not smooth. It gets "stuck" and repeat paints a particular node text. When the scrollbar is released, the tree repaints correctly. Has anyone experienced something like this? Any ideas of what could be causing the problem? Thanks VST_paint_issue.mp4
  2. @Dave and @Vincent, thanks, that is what I was looking for.
  3. Hello, Delphi's THttpClient is built on the OS API, and therefore one does not need to include OpenSSL dll with the app, or worry about their version etc. Is there an open source library similar to this, that can be used with older Delphi versions before THttpClient was introduced..?
  4. RaelB

    VCL Styles support for TChromeTabs

    What you can do is download the Konopka Signature controls from getit package manager, and look at the source for RzTabs
  5. RaelB

    Switch MorMot webserver from Get to Post

    Should that not be: Param:='http://localhost:8181/rootp/<ApplicationName>/Add';
  6. Why can't you run both on the host machine? If you want to understand what code is doing, I highly recommend using a TraceTool or logger: https://github.com/capslock66/Tracetool
  7. Thanks for all the replies. It has helped me consider all the various factors to keep in mind. @Der schöne Günther: Which setting/setup are you referring to with regards to sqlite db corruption and power losses?
  8. Hi, I am needing to store a large number of small images, e.g. 10,000+ images (so could be 50,000 or more..), where each image is around 30kb. Generally I will not be iterating through all of them. Main operations are check if exists, load, and save. I'm considering to use the filesystem for this purpose, as apposed to using a database e.g. sqlite. Is there any downside to using the filesystem in this scenario? Thanks
  9. @Dave Nottage Thanks for trying that. Yes, I am using 10.4. I am using WinLicense to "protect" the exe, so my first suspect would be that.
  10. Would you mind trying my app (RightNote), to see if it starts? https://bauerapps.com/downloads/ https://bauerapps.com/files/RightNote.zip (portable version)
  11. Ok, thanks for the info. I will need to make further investigations.
  12. Hi, I've been looking at this YT Video: "First look at Delphi 10.4.2 on Windows 11 ARM & macOS 12 ARM" (youtube watch?v=9p4cL1wt8bk) from which it sounds like Delphi apps are able to run on Windows 11 ARM. However, I have a user who says that my app does not start at all on Windows 11 ARM. Should it in fact be able to run? Thanks
  13. RaelB

    ENG-US keyboard automatically added on app start

    Not sure. I haven't asked. It is not an error. It is an unexpected behaviour, but it is documented in the component itself.
  14. RaelB

    ENG-US keyboard automatically added on app start

    Thanks for the tip. I am using HotKeyManager, and looking at the source I see that it is calling LoadKeyboardLayout, and that is what is causing the problem. Not sure if that will make a difference. Documentation says "Beginning in Windows 8: This flag is not used. "
  15. Hi, Some users who do not have the ENG-US keyboard installed, report that when app starts, the ENG-US keyboard is added to the system. Any ideas what is causing this? Is it VCL, or maybe a third party control (such as TRichview)? Thanks