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  1. Roland__K

    Deep Dive into Design Patterns

    Rudy, having read once upon a time one of your deep dives into Delphi datatypes (I think it was on floats or variants) it is hard to imagine for me that there is anything you cannot remember :-)
  2. bull's-eye Let us hope they get their 64bit act done and that things will improve until the 128bit generation needs to be tackled. Further HGGC should already start to have their lawyers prepare for the "we will prevent any more devtool competition on our platform"-strategies of MS, Google and Apple. Supreme Court ruling on Apple Appstore days ago makes hope.
  3. Roland__K

    Deep Dive into Design Patterns

    Excellent. Thanks a lot for posting. BTW - also an excellent book. Thanks a lot again for posting this links here.
  4. Roland__K

    Match drawing to decide

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.cybertribe.MatchDecision&hl=en And now I want the Android 64Bit Compiler Target bad ....
  5. As suggested by Jobo above, put the CLOB fields in a seperate unique result query which you trigger on selection of a specific record in the overall query. As I understand the documentation of your component suite there is probabyl the need to instantiate a TLOBLocator for every record with a CLOB - could be that this is causing a significant overhead. Further it might be a threads or other ressource issue on the Oracle DB server hitting you because of the CLOBs overhead (this is just a wild guess though).
  6. Roland__K

    MMX for Delphi 10.3 Rio

    Wow Uwe - you have even plans to support theming - great news.