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  1. FranzB

    madexcept inside a DLL

    using : http://help.madshi.net/HowToUseMadExcept.htm I added : uses madexcept, system,.... ....; end; but after a run time error in my console / DLL application no madshi form is created , or any other error report ....
  2. how to use madexcept inside a DLL? the DLL does not contain any form the DLL does not write any test to a console - just a set of data processing functions - drag and drop of mashi component does not work
  3. but this means : I have to write extra code if I want to assign just one edge with your solution above via property or if I want to assign all 4 edge with one command making the edge variable public: allows both, but I think from class design this look not that good type TGEORect = class private : ..... public : edges : TedgearryPoints ; end;
  4. I use 2 Polygon definitions as in the code below type TPolygon = array of TPoint T4Polygon = array [1..4] of TPoint ; .... function ProcessPolygon (aPoly : TPolygon); begin end; is there a better way to call the function ProcessPolygon with a variable of the T4Polygon ? I don't want to copy the data from one data type to the other, writing overloaded functions seems to my also not the best solution , any better idea ?
  5. I want to use this class with an array of TPoint type. type TedgearryPoints = Array [1..4] of TPoint ; type TGEORect = class ..... private : Fedges : TedgearryPoints ; public : ..... property edges : TedgearryPoints read Fedge write Fedge; end; but the code fails because I can not assign data to the individual edges MyGEORECT.Edges[1] , compiles says "[dcc64 Error] GEOUnit.pas(1303): E2064 Left side cannot be assigned to "
  6. I installed delphi 10.4 , but now I failed adding components via GETIT with error msg , How to solve ?
  7. I changed from Delphi 10.3. to Delphi 10.4 and want to compile functional projects again. The first error msg goes now like that , how to fix ?? [DCC Fatal Error] ......t.pas(20): F2613 Unit 'FMX.graphics' not found.
  8. I tried to execute the FMX demos of Python for Delphi ( . https://github.com/pyscripter/python4delphi ) OS = WIN 64 no problem I can compile this code for LINUX / UBUNTU as well, but I can't execute error msg Exception EAccessViolation in module libicuuc.so.60 at 00007FA5A18A15EB. Access violation at address 00007FA5A18A15EB, accessing address 0000000003A73000 how to fix this error ?? Remark : same exe copied to RED HAT V 7 system, execution seems to be perfect after 1st. test ..... questions goes more to help on config my ubuntu system 😞
  9. i like to use https://github.com/malcolmgroves/FluentLiveBindings var BindSourceDB1: TBindSourceDB; begin aServername := edt_Servername.Text; adatabasename := edt_databasename.Text; ConnecttoDatabase(aServername, adatabasename, aConnection); aQuery.SQL.Text := 'select * from Mytab'; aQuery.Active := True; BindSourceDB1 := TBindSourceDB.Create(Self); BindSourceDB1.DataSet := aQuery; BindingsList1.BindGrid(grd_objecttab).ToBindSource(BindSourceDB1); but run time error msg is now like below , any idea for this error ?
  10. we will execute the opposite of the instructions given here http://docwiki.embarcadero.com/RADStudio/Sydney/en/LiveBindings_in_RAD_Studio , create a livebindings application , show a query in a stringgrid, without using the live bindings designer my code goes like this , the issue : the code compiles, I guess open query also is functional but the stringgrid remains empty var BindSourceDB1: TBindSourceDB; LinkGridToDataSourceBindSourceDB1: TLinkGridToDataSource; begin aServername := edt_Servername.Text; adatabasename := edt_databasename.Text; ConnecttoDatabase(aServername, adatabasename, aConnection); // a subfunction aQuery.SQL.Text := 'select * from MyTable '; aQuery.Open; // guess fine, because on a VCL application the data are displayed BindSourceDB1 := TBindSourceDB.Create(Self); BindSourceDB1.DataSet := aQuery; LinkGridToDataSourceBindSourceDB1 := TLinkGridToDataSource.Create(Self); LinkGridToDataSourceBindSourceDB1.DataSource := BindSourceDB1; LinkGridToDataSourceBindSourceDB1.GridControl := strngrd_Objecttable; end;
  11. is there an option to increase the amount of information written to the XML outputfile ? a) I want to add all parameter for a testcase to the XML log b) I want to add some information during the test case execution to the XML log my code follow the basic instructions given for DUNITX var runner : ITestRunner; results : IRunResults; logger : ITestLogger; nunitLogger : ITestLogger; begin try //Check command line options, will exit if invalid TDUnitX.CheckCommandLine; //Create the test runner runner := TDUnitX.CreateRunner; //Tell the runner to use RTTI to find Fixtures runner.UseRTTI := True; //tell the runner how we will log things //Log to the console window logger := TDUnitXConsoleLogger.Create(true); runner.AddLogger(logger); //Generate an NUnit compatible XML File nunitLogger := TDUnitXXMLNUnitFileLogger.Create(TDUnitX.Options.XMLOutputFile); runner.AddLogger(nunitLogger); runner.FailsOnNoAsserts := False; //When true, Assertions must be made during tests; //Run tests results := runner.Execute; if not results.AllPassed then System.ExitCode := EXIT_ERRORS; {$IFNDEF CI} //We don't want this happening when running under CI. if TDUnitX.Options.ExitBehavior = TDUnitXExitBehavior.Pause then begin System.Write('Done.. press <Enter> key to quit.'); System.Readln; end; {$ENDIF} except on E: Exception do System.Writeln(E.ClassName, ': ', E.Message); end; end.
  12. FranzB

    Draw TBitmap

    procedure InsertonMyleft(aBMP: TBitmap); var tempBMP: TBitmap; RecFull: TRectF; RecLeft: TRectF; begin tempBMP := TBitmap.Create; try // tempBMP.Assign(aBMP); // tempBMP.SaveToFile('c:\temp\debugme.bmp'); tempBMP.LOadfromFile('c:\temp\debugme3.bmp'); RecFull := RectF(0, 0, aBMP.Width - 2, aBMP.Height - 2); RecLeft := RectF(0, 0, round(aBMP.Width / 3), round((aBMP.Height - 1) / 1)); aBMP.Canvas.BeginScene; aBMP.Canvas.DrawBitmap(tempBMP, RecFull, RecLeft, 50, True); aBMP.Canvas.EndScene; aBMP.SaveToFile('c:\temp\debugme2.bmp'); finally tempBMP.Free; end; end; if I load a bitmap from a file , my code works fine but the assign sequence does not have the desired function, (insert the bmp on the left side) even the savetofile saved the correct bitmap content