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  1. c0d3r

    Customizing source editor

    I created a new post for my ide editor themes, you may download the files from there:
  2. c0d3r

    My Delphi IDE Editor themes

    Nature: File: c0d3r-YW-Nature.theme.xml
  3. Some one is asking for mine themes, so I think its better to create a new post to benefi any one who like them, I called "Nature" set, one Nature original theme and one Nature Warm theme, you may use Delphi IDE theme editor (https://github.com/RRUZ/delphi-ide-theme-editor) to apply them: Please click Like if you enjoy it. Nature warm (based on my Nature original theme): File: c0d3r-YW-Nature-warm.theme.xml
  4. can't compile the unit is not an error that should be included, its a result due to that ONE typo error in the codes. The errors should be reported exactly as whats in your codes.
  5. Create a new vcl application, drop 2 labels, and make ONE label name typo in Oncreate event. When compiling, it said there were 2 errors in the codes:
  6. Just realized that the compiler error counts were always offset by 1, so where is that extra one? Are the EMBRAS... guys able to count their fingers? if not, I can teach them.
  7. c0d3r

    Customizing source editor

    Yes. I think so, from Options/User Interface/Editor/Color/Color Speedsetting dropdown
  8. c0d3r

    Customizing source editor

    Yes. I did switch between colour schemes by using Delphi IDE Theme Editor. The last scheme I posted was used more often now.
  9. c0d3r

    Customizing source editor

    I called my this IDE colour schema : Nature. the red: Flowers, the green: Forest, the orange/yellow: Moon/Sun, the cream white: Clouds, the dark blue background: Deep ocean, the light green (a bit blueish) : Rivers. the brown white space: earth. the Sky blue brace pair highlight: The Sky. The red error lines: Fire.
  10. c0d3r

    Customizing source editor

    Here is another Delphi IDE color scheme I used to use:
  11. c0d3r

    10.4.1 IDE wait/working cursor

    I had exact the same issue. See the screenshot. Its reproducible if I ctrl-shift-up to the procedure declaration section, then ctrl-shift-down back to the procedure body, then move the cursor, you would see it. However, I'm in a VM though.
  12. c0d3r

    Customizing source editor

    Original Delphi Editor
  13. c0d3r

    Customizing source editor

    I liked mine a lot with Ubuntu mono font:
  14. c0d3r

    What is the future roadmap of Graphics32 ?

    Oh, Sorry, I didn't know that. Thats great!
  15. c0d3r

    What is the future roadmap of Graphics32 ?

    Do any of you plan to have your components to support 64-bit in near future?