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  1. @Remy LebeauAlthough we still can't figure it out after weeks (we don't deal with any TCP/IP socket codes), we found a workaround: kbmMW's Server component has a property called 'DisconnectAfterResponse'. By setting it to True, Most of our clinic customers don't have any TCP/IP socket close freezing issues, however few were still having the problem, they were the large and busiest clinics. We are planning to use Indy Github version to see if it helps, I'm just wondering whats difference between GitHub version and the one comes with Sydeny?
  2. c0d3r

    [firebird] Converting DB from one charset to other

    Here you go, this is how I did exactly what you wanted: https://github.com/zedalaye/fbclone
  3. Anyone has the same problem? Delphi 10.4.2, Press Ctrl+Shift+F on any word, Find in Files screen pops up, After a bit frozne, crashed the IDE. The workaround I can only found is that: It works fine after disabling Refactor menu.
  4. c0d3r

    Delphi 10.4.2 first impressions

    Another problem (Error Insight): ds is inherited from TDataset. The wave warning: 'Txxxxxxx does not contain a member named: 'FieldByName'/'Open'/'Free'.
  5. c0d3r

    Annoying IDE behavior changes in 10.4.2

    I can confirm all as well, went back to Classic, don't see why I should use LSP.
  6. c0d3r

    Object Inspector issue in 10.4.2??

    No issue on VMWare 16.1.0, Win10, 4K, 100%, Delphi 10.4.2
  7. c0d3r

    Delphi 10.4.2 first impressions

    It said the problem would occurs when using offline installer, but I was using web installer, still my 64bit LIBRARY (Windows) paths were wiped out.
  8. c0d3r


    I saw the code in Delphi 10.4.2, but I don't see any forms flickering in Window 10.
  9. Yeah, all my win64 component paths were wiped out. Luckily, I had backup the registry before upgrade, so re-import the registry solves.
  10. @Remy Lebeau I would like to give the codes, but I'm not allow to, they are kbmMW codes, all socket threads related things are done by kbmMW components internally. What we did was just wrote codes in one of its OnRequest event handler to deal with client request by the given request name, and set the return Result. For each request, We made 100% sure to have try--finally--end blocks to have objects created get freed properly, each LockList to has a matched UnlockList to access thread string lists, ..., etc. Anyway, Thanks for your time to anwser all my questions, really appreciated! The codes in ProcessRequest event: @ServiceMethod := MethodAddress(AClientRequestName); if Assigned(ServiceMethod) then begin Result := ServiceMethod(Self, ClientIdent, Args); Handled := True; end; This one of the request codes we wrote (in published section): function TMyService.GetSequenceValue(const ClientIdent: TkbmMWClientIdentity; const Args: array of Variant): Variant; var ds: TkbmMWDataset; SeqName, Step: string; SeqList: TStringList; i: Integer; begin Result := -1; if not PrepareQuery(SEQUENCE_GETVALUE, ds) then Exit; try SeqName := VarToStr(Args[0]); Step := VarToStr(Args[1]); SeqList := FSequences.LockList; try i := SeqList.IndexOfName(SeqName); if i < 0 then Exit; SeqName := SeqList.ValueFromIndex[i]; finally FSequences.UnlockList; end; ds.Query.Text := Format(ds.Query.Text, [SeqName, Step]); ds.Open; if not ds.Eof then Result := ds.FieldByName('ID').AsInteger; finally ds.Free; end; end;
  11. @Remy Lebeau Thanks, I totally agree it. just not sure how to find. Any workarounds we can do? Is there any properties/methods in TidTCPServer that can let all these socket threads being terminated gracefully before calling FSocket.Active := False;