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    [Firedac] Truncation error on Firebird select query

    Ah, OK. Sorry about that. I don't use FireDAC, I'm always using UIB to work with Firebird databases with UTF8/Unicode, I got the same error when I was using UTF8 to connect to a NONE set of Firebird database.
  2. c0d3r

    [Firedac] Truncation error on Firebird select query

    I think you were using UTF8 character set while connecting a Firebird database which created with NONE/ANSI/... character set, which caused Firebird raised this exception. Its NOT a FireDAC issue. In order to make it works, either you use NONE character set while connecting to your database, or convert your Firebird database to UTF8.
  3. One thing I don't like Hyper-V was that its always using host's DPI settings (e.g. under Full Screen mode), if the host DPI is set to 125%, you can't change Hyper-V to use other DPI settings. so I switched back to VMware.
  4. You have CnWizard installed, could be where the issues came from: 13B1230C]{CnWizards_D104S.DLL} CnWizNotifier.TCnWizNotifierServices.DoMsgHook$qqrp20System.Classes.TListt1p6HWND__rx24Winapi.Messages.TMessage (Line 1948, "CnWizNotifier.pas" + 1) + $19 [13B123BF]{CnWizards_D104S.DLL} CnWizNotifier.TCnWizNotifierServices.DoMsgHook$qqrp20System.Classes.TListt1p6HWND__rx24Winapi.Messages.TMessage (Line 1959, "CnWizNotifier.pas" + 12) + $15
  5. Any one know if IIF function works in FireDAC SQLite local SQL or not, I can't make it work: select iif(xx>0, 10, -1) as field1, .... from.. select iif(xx>0, 'Yes', 'No') as field1, ... from... select sum(iif(xx>0, 0, 1)) as field1, ... from ... field1 always returned blank/empty.
  6. c0d3r

    IIF func in FireDAC SQLite Local SQL

    Our production back end database is Firebird, we just want to run some queries against in memory datasets at client side applications for reporting purpose, I was told FireDAC Local SQL was based on embedded SQLite3 (?) and doesn't need any other libraries since the entire engine codes are embedded directly into applications(?) Please let me know how to try another SQLite3 library?? Anyway, I'm working and testing with kbmMWMemSQL at the moment, so far its good although lack of some features, missing some standard SQL syntax like HAVING, .., etc.
  7. c0d3r

    IIF func in FireDAC SQLite Local SQL

    Yeah, query is OK: "select clientid, sum(iif(price > 0, amount, 0)) as total_amount from sales group by clientid", ran the query with TxQuery, got right result, ran the query with Firebird iSQL, got right result too. Using SQLite Local SQL, it listed all the ClientIDs but the Total_Amount fields were all blank. In order to test "iif" works or not, I then tried FireDAC local sql demo program (the sample installed by Delphi 10.4.1) connected to demo db, 'select clientid, freight from qOrders' was working, but: "select clientid, iif(freight > 0, 10, -10) as test from qOrders" wasn't working, it listed all the ClientIDs but the "Test" fields were all blank.
  8. c0d3r

    IIF func in FireDAC SQLite Local SQL

    The SQL statement works with TxQuery, works with Firebird, ..., pretty much all the modern SQL engines supported IIF function nowadays.
  9. c0d3r

    IIF func in FireDAC SQLite Local SQL

    No, I didn't use SQLite3 explorer, I had few memory datasets (mostly from Reports), try finding a local sql engine to run queries against them. so far I found only TxQuery is working. However, if Delphi 10.4.1's Compiling Optimization is turned on (Release mode), it seriously screwed TxQuery engine codes and causing AVs, so I'm looking for an alternative, try FireDAC SQLite Local SQL, it doesn't work as long as using IIF function, try FireDAC samples/Local SQL demo, it doesn't work with IIF either.
  10. Try deleting one component on an ancient form, causing all sorts of AVs on inherited forms. Turns out you have to open each inherited forms at design time after the deletion, to answer a dump question "if the reference is deleted or renamed"..., then save them. What were these $&&*%$$ EMBR guys thinking? The worse part was that some of inherited forms were OK no AVs and some of inherited forms weren't OK and AVs. Imagine if you have hundreds inherited forms....
  11. I was told it was supported, but when I changed DPI from 100% to 125%, the IDE editor was way too blurred under my 4k resolution screen.
  12. c0d3r

    Looking for SVG support in Delphi?

    Great article, Thanks for the post.
  13. I'm really frustrating with this dump "Welcome Page" implementation. Is it too hard to these guys to implement a "Welcome Page"??, Ever since 10.4 now 10.4.1, I have to disable this sh!t so that I could make Ctrl-Click works without crashing the Delphi with a fairly large project. Is that so difficulty to have a working "Welcome Page"?? I can't imagine how a software company would provide us a good/reliable system and they can't even make a "Welcome Page" working properly?!
  14. Does anyone install 10.3.3/10.4 on a VMWare machine? I have installed Delphi 10.4 enterprise on a VMWare (15.5.6) machine, Win10 2004, 4K Resolution, 8/10GB Ram (Host has 32GB RAM), having some IDE editor speed issues, mainly related to the mouse wheel scrolling: 1) Open an unit, went to the end of unit, Do mouse wheel up/down on the source codes, you would see the source codes scrolling speed is very slow, took one second to scroll up/down a line. 2) Unchecked "Enable Flow Control Highlighting" from Tools/Options/Editor/Color/Structural Highlighting", then open an unit, do mouse wheel up/down on the source codes, also took one second to scroll up/down a line.
  15. It seems that they finally fixed my issues on VM with 4K monitor in Delphi 10.4.1
  16. Hmmm, just realized that my VMWare Workstation Pro was a 32 bit version, Does it has a 64 bit version?
  17. Does anyone know there is a good free Resource Builder utility that I can use to create .res file by importing bitmap, png, jpg, strings, ..., etc. Thanks.
  18. c0d3r

    Free Resource Builder Utility?

    Thanks All. Great information!
  19. c0d3r

    Free Resource Builder Utility?

    WOW. Great work! Thank you very much.
  20. c0d3r

    Free Resource Builder Utility?

    Thanks. It seems not supporting PNGs. I will have to convert PNGs to BMPs, then import them.
  21. Thank you for the advice. I have just made an order for a new Lenovo Laptop P1 Gen 2. I will try again on that machine once I receive it. The Stretch mode was indeed turned on, so I will try with it off on the new laptop.
  22. The welcome page always brought some issues, if you can, just disable it.
  23. I have switched to use the laptop native 1920x1080p screen, to replace the 4K Dell D2720Q monitor, The IDE seems working fine in VM.
  24. c0d3r

    Delphi 10.4 Debug

    Could anyone know how to debug/trace into Delphi VCL source codes in Delphi 10.4? I can debug and trace into all the 3rd party component source codes but couldn't do to Delphi VCLs (e.g. TCustomForm, TWinControl, TControl), when tried to trace/step in, the CPU window pops up.