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  1. OldyCoder

    Unit fmx.graphics not found

    Hi, I upgraded my Delphi 10.3 to Delphi 10.4 and getting 'Unit fmx.graphics not found' error when compiling my 10.3 project. Is there any workaround?
  2. OldyCoder

    'FMX.graphics' not found.

    Hi, Did you find any solution for this?
  3. Thank you Dave. The problem was caused by audio format that I used. IOS does not support mp3 audio format. IOS supports only caf format. Yes my new problem is: How can I convert caf to mp3 on IOS 😊
  4. I'm using following code snippet to record audio on IOS 13.5.1 and getting access violation exception. My Delphi version is 10.3 Update 3. It works fine on Android. Mic := TCaptureDeviceManager.Current.DefaultAudioCaptureDevice; if (Mic <> nil) then begin Mic.FileName := 'record.mp3'; try Mic.StartCapture; except on E: Exception do lblError.Text:=E.message; end; end; Is there any workaround?