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  1. Dave Novo

    PAServer for remote Debugging on Windows

    Even debugging 64 bit app on the same computer as the IDE is painful. I dont know why you think doing it on another computer would not be exponentially worse.
  2. Dave Novo

    combobox with custom drop down (treeview)

    Hello, Does anyone have any tips how to make a combo box with a custom drop down editor? For example, I would like to have the dropdown editor be a treeview, and ideally use a virtual string tree as the dropdown editor. Is there a base class in the Delphi hiearchy that is designed for this, or examples of a working one. My google searches have not turned up a nice example.
  3. Dave Novo

    LSP - Alexandria

    FWIW I asked if there was a secret registry code that could turn on the "classic compiler" but I did not hear back about it.
  4. Dave Novo

    LSP - Alexandria

    We do have too many semi-circular references. We are working on removing them slowly over time, which we thought would improve the compile time as well. But it seems not to improve the compile time very much and it takes tons of time.
  5. Dave Novo

    LSP - Alexandria

    This is as known problem on complex projects. We have the same things and sent the logs to EMB. Essentially, the LSP parser is taking too long to compile the code. Because it is taking so long, the LSP parser thinks there is a problem and restarts. This happens over and over again. I was not able to get the logs to EMB before Delphi 11 was in beta and David Millington said they could not fix it in time for Alexandria. We reported the problem in Delphi 10.4.2 but evidently according to David, and now your experience, it still persists in Delphi Alexandria. I was not able to get clarity exactly what about the code (if even there was anything particular) that was making the LSP take so long. You can look on the LSP progress bar and see the progress bar going forever basically. Sometimes it stopped for a brief time, then restarted.
  6. Make the storage data path (TDataStoragePath) a singleton object that initializes itself with the path. All other units that need the path will have to use the unit where TDataStoragePath is defined hence will force TDataStoragePath to initialize first.
  7. Wow, I wish every time I complained about something then a resolution fell out of the sky in 3 days 😀
  8. Thanks for looking up the links. I guess if the bug report is >5 years old about this, I will not hold my breath.
  9. Sure, but then we have to either use a code hook or remember to never use StrToDate and use StrtoDateWrapper (or whatever we call it). It is surprising that these dates formats are not supported. They have been in windows for ages.
  10. Is there another method of conversion that can handle the entirety of the set of formats that windows supports for the current date format?
  11. Hello Everyone, I am just wondering if below is simply a bug, or there is some method to the madness. One of the valid windows short date formats is the following So, one would think that if you change windows to the short date format above, and wrote the Delphi code fs:=TFormatSettings.Create; newDate:=StrToDate('05-Apr-17',fs) then you would get a valid date. However, you do not. I checked this on Win7 and Win10, with Delphi Sydney and Seattle. It is hard to believe something this ancient does not work. The fs record has the correct shortMonthNames loaded. There are a few strange issues. 1. The TFormatSettings.ShortDateFormat ends up being dd/MMM/yy because FixDateSeparator replaces the '-' with a '/'. I am not sure this is relevant though, as the TFormatSettings.DateSeparator is still '-' 2. The key thing that fails is TryStrToDate calls ScanDate which exits out because of if not (ScanNumber(S, Pos, N1, L1) and ScanChar(S, Pos, AFormatSettings.DateSeparator) and ScanNumber(S, Pos, N2, L2)) then Exit; i.e. it is trying to find a number, followed by a separator, followed by a number. Even though the current date format specifies that the month portion should be the short name format. Is there another date method I should be using that works more reliably. Or am I doing something wrong?
  12. Dave Novo

    Enbedded editor, debugging, etc...

    +1 for someone creating an embedded IDE based on PyScripter to embed into a Delphi application and provide Python editing and execution within your delphi app.
  13. Dave Novo

    Delphi 10.4.2 always recompiling in IDE

    based on @Stefan Glienke tip above, I had a look at the IDE Fix Pack page. Look what I found Fixes (for Delphi 10.3.2) Prevent the IDE from re-compiling the code if you run the application right after you just compiled it. The ErrorInsight parser asking the compiler to get unit symbols invalidated the unit cache even if no actual in-memory compilation took place. Sure enough, If I deactivate Error Insight, then classic mode stops recompiling all the time
  14. Dave Novo

    Delphi 10.4.2 always recompiling in IDE

    I was using classic mode as well, since LSP is pretty useless for complex apps in project groups in particular. In a blank VCL project, If I turn off Classic Code Insight and go back to LSP it stops recompiling every time. I am not sure what MMX has to do with it, in my application, when LSP is on. Note: when I did this test in Delphi Seattle, I did not see this behavior either with IDE Fix Pack or without. I also tried toggling "Save Files when compiling or running" but that did not make a difference. If I turn Classic Code Insight back on and turn off every checkbox on the "Code Insight" page on Editor->Language->Delphi it still re-links every time.
  15. Dave Novo

    10.4.2 IDE crashes on start

    Check your memory. For me, Delphi 10.4.2 consumes more and more memory. Often sitting at 3.2GB. Then it just dissapears.