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    How to Export a PowerPoint PPTX File?

    I have never tried it, but I know this exists https://www.winsoft.sk/doffice.htm
  2. HI Emil, I do not want to sign a PDF however. I want to be able to implement signing on my own custom documents. But still using a "industry standard" signing mechanism.
  3. I want to implement the same standard (ideally) that Adobe PDF implements. It seems there are a few standards https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PAdES https://www.cloudsignatureconsortium.org/ Seems like there are already "trusted" companies that can generate the signing certificates in the proper way, and also you can create your own certificates somehow. I dont know all the technical details of how this works though, I was hoping that someone already implemented it.
  4. In as much as if you saw my signature on any piece of paper, like credit card receipt, then stole my checkbook, then scanned both together and issued forged checks, you could try to do so I guess. This somehow embeds a real certificate of some sort into your document. Here is a bit of an overview of what they are doing, but it is light on technical details https://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/11/using/digital-ids.html I think there is an open standard that governs these kinds of digital signatures.
  5. Hello, When signing a PDF, you can use a proper digital signature. Note in the attached screenshot, you can use a certificate from the System or from a file. You can even create new certificates etc. Are there any third party components that handle the details of this, i.e. reading/validating the certificates. I want my users to be able to sign the documents that my application makes. We have a basic digital signature system already, but not one that supports certificates etc.