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  1. Dave Novo

    problem upgrading to Delphi 11.1 Patch 1

    We have a license server internally.
  2. Dave Novo

    problem upgrading to Delphi 11.1 Patch 1

    We are trying to create a template machine that all developers can use. We dont want to have to have a script that all developers have to do manually, i.e. run GetIT, do X, do Y. The base machine should be setup that we just create virtual machines, join them to the domain, and developers login and are up and running. In fact, we are setting up the entire machine via Ansible, so its completely automated, documented and under version control. This ridiculous patch issue is our last issue. I dont see why when they release a patch then EMB cannot rebuild an installer with the patch incorporated.
  3. Hello, I wonder if anyone has encountered this before. Delphi 11.1 (initial release) was running fine on the computer (Win10). We tried to install Patch 1 according to the instructions at https://blogs.embarcadero.com/rad-studio-11-1-alexandria-patch-1-available/ using the "manual mode". Basically we opened the patch ZIP file and manually copied the files within the zip over the previous Delphi 11.1 files that were there. We did it folder by folder just to be paranoid and ensure we were copying the correct thing. We then restarted Delphi, and the IDE seems to start up, but when we get past the little startup wizard we get Does anyone have any idea why Patch 1 would trigger this problem. There is nothing trying to be loaded from a network location. All files were replaced in the standard delphi installation folders.
  4. Dave Novo

    Testing with python

    There is no way for Python to know about the objects/functions in your delphi program. You have to create some classes and register them with the Delphi4Python to expose them to the python side. These can be your real classes in your application (not advised IMHO), or "bridge" classes that just expose functions to python. Then, in your implementation of the bridge methods, you call methods/functions on the delphi side.
  5. Dave Novo

    Pascal source code of Vidi Language, just published

    That has always been my dream, to have the spare time to create the "perfect" programming language! Good on you.
  6. Dave Novo

    Problems with installing RAD Studio 11 in Wine

    We deploy our compiled app for mac in Wine, via codeweavers, and it works great. It is a very sophisticated UI with many 3rd party components. However, I admit we have not tried to run the Delphi IDE in WINE.
  7. Dave Novo

    Problems with installing RAD Studio 11 in Wine

    The latest version of WINE is 7.0. You are using a very, very old version and trying to use the latest software with that. I would guess you are really shooting yourself in the foot trying to get it to work in a few year old version of WINE.
  8. Dave Novo

    Windows Software Development Kit - why?

    Thanks for all the help. Out of curiosity, aside from the SDK docs, which are easily available on the internet and we use all the time, are there any particular tools from the Windows SDK that you recommend? We use Innosetup for creating installers and it seems to have what we need. Although maybe it uses the MSIX from the SDK installed with Delphi behind the scenes, I have never checked that deeply.
  9. Dave Novo

    Windows Software Development Kit - why?

    This comes up as part of the install of both Delphi 10.4.2 and Delphi 11.
  10. When installing Delphi 10.4.2 or Delphi 11 it prompts me to install the Windows Software Development Kit. With lots of options (see below). What do I need that for? Are any of the things in the Development Kit necessary for Delphi to run properly? Or are these ancillary tools and/or libraries that are completely optional?
  11. Dave Novo

    PAServer for remote Debugging on Windows

    Even debugging 64 bit app on the same computer as the IDE is painful. I dont know why you think doing it on another computer would not be exponentially worse.
  12. Dave Novo

    combobox with custom drop down (treeview)

    Hello, Does anyone have any tips how to make a combo box with a custom drop down editor? For example, I would like to have the dropdown editor be a treeview, and ideally use a virtual string tree as the dropdown editor. Is there a base class in the Delphi hiearchy that is designed for this, or examples of a working one. My google searches have not turned up a nice example.
  13. Dave Novo

    LSP - Alexandria

    FWIW I asked if there was a secret registry code that could turn on the "classic compiler" but I did not hear back about it.
  14. Dave Novo

    LSP - Alexandria

    We do have too many semi-circular references. We are working on removing them slowly over time, which we thought would improve the compile time as well. But it seems not to improve the compile time very much and it takes tons of time.
  15. Dave Novo

    LSP - Alexandria

    This is as known problem on complex projects. We have the same things and sent the logs to EMB. Essentially, the LSP parser is taking too long to compile the code. Because it is taking so long, the LSP parser thinks there is a problem and restarts. This happens over and over again. I was not able to get the logs to EMB before Delphi 11 was in beta and David Millington said they could not fix it in time for Alexandria. We reported the problem in Delphi 10.4.2 but evidently according to David, and now your experience, it still persists in Delphi Alexandria. I was not able to get clarity exactly what about the code (if even there was anything particular) that was making the LSP take so long. You can look on the LSP progress bar and see the progress bar going forever basically. Sometimes it stopped for a brief time, then restarted.