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  1. I don't know what LSP is, but thanks.
  2. I do NOT have DevExpress units in uses.
  3. Yes, I applied the two patches to 10.4.2 earlier this week. Find Declaration is now working for me. Refactor/rename is not working at all.
  4. I haven't had any problems with Find Declaration since I got 10.4.2 (I had problems with earlier versions. But Refactor/Rename is still not working at all.
  5. Yes. I don't know why or when it happens. I don't think I ever had the problem with 10.3, which is why I still also have 10.3 on my desktop. When the 10.4.x IDE isn't working, I have to go back to 10.3. Of the 10.4 versions, if I recall correctly, 10.4.1 BEFORE the patches worked well.
  6. And I can't log in to the quality website. It won't take the password I think I used and it doesn't give me the option of resetting it. It says " If you think this message is wrong, please contact your JIRA administrators. " but I have no idea what JIRA is.
  7. For me, it comes and goes. Today it is working again. When I had the problem I tried rebooting, etc, and nothing I did fixed the problem. It just started working again. Also, I got 10.4.2 shortly after it came out, and putting the cursor over a variable to see its contents wasn't working, although ctrl-F7 was. But yesterday it started working.
  8. I've had problems with it, off and on, for the last few versions. Seems like sometimes a build would fix it. Sometimes going to another project and back would fix it. But tonight it stopped working for me completely and nothing I tried (including deleting the DSK file) would fix it.
  9. Follow-up. When I put a recursive Fibonacci function in the parallel.for and ran it on various inputs, it worked. When I called a recursive procedure to do Depth First Search (DFS) on a graph, it would not work if it was doing more than one in parallel. But then I made a small procedure to start the recursive calls to the DFS procedure and put that small procedure inside the parallel.for instead of the actual call to the DFS procedure, it works! Just in case someone asks about this.
  10. Well, now it is working.
  11. It is nothing like Fibonacci. It is a depth-first search on a graph. I'm not trying to make the recursion itself recursive - each time through the loop makes an independent call to the recursive procedure. The instances of the procedure don't have anything to do with each other and there is no global data. That is, I need to make parallel calls to the procedure; the recursion itself is not parallel.
  12. I've written several multi-threaded programs with the parallel library, usually using tasks but one or two using parallel for. I have a new one that is more natural for parallel for. The problem is that this is the first one that must use recursion. Inside the loop there is some initial stuff and then it calls a procedure that calls itself, and that isn't working. If the parallel loop only has one iteration, e.g. parallel.for(1,1 ... ) or parallel.for(2,2 ... ), it works. But for actual work, with the recursion and parallel.for, it locks up. How can I get a recursive procedure to work in a multi-threaded program?
  13. Jud

    Problems with 10.4 IDE

    No solution. If I remember correctly, 10.3 didn't have the problem. 10.4 had the problem but then 10.4.1 fixed the problem. But then there were two patches to 10.4.1 that still had the problem. I got 10.4.2 about 3 days ago, and Find Declaration has been working for me. But Refactor/Rename doesn't work (and is worse). Before Refactor/Rename would change the one where you have the cursor, but no others. Now it doesn't even change the one at the cursor.
  14. Thanks, I got it. I read that 10.4.2 retains your old settings. I also read that it requires a complete uninstall, and it defaults to saving your settings. So I did an uninstall first, but it didn't retain my settings.
  15. Where can I download it? I'm a user of 10.4.1 and I had problems downloading the free trial.