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  1. Mr. Daniel

    Problems with 10.4 IDE

    Hello Jud, I am encountering the same problem. Do you already have a workable solution ? Kind regards, Daniel
  2. Mr. Daniel

    Refactor menu grayed out for Rename...

    It looks like the IDE is kinda struggling with itself, because after some time code completion also failed. Now that I have restarted the IDE, code completion works again.
  3. Mr. Daniel

    Refactor menu grayed out for Rename...

    It is out of the box sydney 10.4.2 with TMS VCL UI and FlexCel components installed. @Attila Kovacs, what right click do you mean ?
  4. Dear all, I am struggling with 10.4.2. Rename refactoring worked during 1 hour after installation but has suddenly stopped working (the menu is grayed out, and control shift E, show the Find dialog instead of the refactor window). As well as control G, to 'go to' a variable or method declaration, doesn't work anymore. What is the cause of this behaviour ? Regards, Daniel
  5. Thanks all, this was very helpful and basic to working with streams. I hadn't thought of the .Position property.
  6. Dear all, I am experiencing a strange error which I have narrowed down to a small piece of code (see below). I am reading a binary file into a TMemoryStream (variable ms1), through a TFileStream object (variable fs). Then I want to copy the binary data to another TMemoryStream object (ms2). This is what gives me the "stream read error" exception. Strange thing is, that if I don't load up the ms1 object with the file contents, things work fine, i.e. ms2.CopyFrom does not give me an exception.. Any help is greatly appreciated.... procedure TForm5.BitBtn1Click(Sender: TObject); var ms1: TMemoryStream; fs: TFileStream; ms2 : TMemoryStream; FilePath: string; begin FilePath := 'C:\weekcpdf_tech6.bin'; ms1 := TMemoryStream.Create; fs := nil; try ms1 := TMemoryStream.Create; fs := TFileStream.Create(FilePath, fmOpenRead); ms1.CopyFrom(fs, fs.Size); ms2 := TMemoryStream.Create; ms2.CopyFrom(ms1, ms1.Size); finally FreeAndNil(fs); FreeAndNil(ms1); end; end;
  7. Ok, that sounds logical. So I installed the 32 bits compile, Added the path to the synedit source files to Tool / Options / Library / Library path for both 32 and 64 bit platforms, created a test project with a synedit control, and it runs with 32 and 64 bits builds !!! That is great, thanks for the support !!
  8. I am still struggling. My goal is to have synedit installed for windows 32 and 64 bit builds. My focus is on https://github.com/SynEdit/SynEditRight not the one from github.com/pyscripter. I manage to install SynEdit as 32 bit build (thank you all for that), but I don't get the Install option when I build with 64 bit target platform.
  9. I have dowloaded from github/synedit/synedit and github/pyscripter/synedit-2. What I don't understand is that when I open and compile a .dpk file from either location, I don't get any install button, like I used to get in Delphi 7. Does this work differently with Delphi 10.1 Berlin ??
  10. Thanks for your help. I guess PyScripter is made in Delphi using SynEdit-2? If that's the case that will give some kind of guarantee to SynEdit-2, considering robustness, quality of code etc.
  11. Thanks for all your comments, I will first go for either: https://github.com/SynEdit/SynEdit or https://github.com/pyscripter/SynEdit-2 I tend to prefer the first link, basically because the seond link looks like someone needing SynEdit for some Python project. Is there a good reason to prefer https://github.com/pyscripter/SynEdit-2 though ?
  12. I have successfully used SynEdit with Delph 7, but I am hesitant to try to get the old SynEdit code working in Delphi 10.1. What is a recommended solution for 10.1 to be able to edit software source code (not Delphi) other then to resort to a TMemo control ? I basically need line numbers left of the source code and more fancy text selection capabilities compared to a TMemo. Syntax highlighting and other fancy stuff is not necessary. I think SynEdit is discontinued. Any thoughts ?