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  1. Almediadev Support

    ANN: StyleControls VCL 4.26 released!

    Controls, which have LookAndFeel property only.
  2. Almediadev Support

    ANN: StyleControls VCL 4.26 released!

    StyleControls VCL is a powerfull package of components, which uses Classic drawing, system Themes, GDI+ and VCL Styles. This package contains the unique solutions to extend standard VCL controls and also has many unique, advanced controls to create Windows 10 Modern UI Applications (UWP design). Also with this package you can really improve applying and using of VCL Styles in your application. http://www.almdev.com You can see out demos with latest VCL Styles "Sky Blue" and "Bunker Gray" from DelphiStyles.com...
  3. Almediadev Support

    Discount Offer from Almediadev

    Special offer from Almediadev - Order "Mega Bundle" now and Save Up 20%! More info at: http://www.almdev.com
  4. StyleControls VCL v. 4.25 just released! http://www.almdev.com New key feature is custom wallpaper support in caption of the styled form. Of course, this solution is scalable! We think that right way is using existing styles, but with adding of some holiday wallpapers to mark some event. Nice idea is showing wallpaper automatically by checking dates in application code. Also we can say that StyleControls VCL is a necessary library if you are working with VCL styles. Much work has been done specifically for the RAD Studio Rio to support the PerMonitor V2 manifest also. Library improves behavior and scaling of the forms, menus, common dialogs, hints and many more! Special Thanks to DelphiStyles for VCL Styles! http://www.delphistyles.com 2 Photos - View album
  5. Almediadev Support

    Almediadev is 18 years online

    Almediadev is 18 years online! http://www.almdev.com Thanks to all our customers and Thanks to all, who have attention to our porducts! In this regards, we offer good discounts for our products!
  6. Benefits of StyleControls VCL: http://www.almdev.com * Unique solution to create UWP-like applications (you can fully customize form, enable DWM shadow with hit test for it (Windows 7, 8, 10))* UWP-like form works the same with System Themes or with VCL Styles (you can adjust it and without VCL Style)* Excellent support of system Themes and VCL Styles* Improves VCL Styles on Forms, Menus and Common Dialogs (and for High-DPI systems)* All controls work fine, faster, without any flickers, have the same functionality with system Themes or with VCL Styles* All controls have support of High-DPI systems with any DPI (no limitations and with VCL Styles)* Complex solution to scale images in controls on High-DPI systems (icons, backgrounds and many more)* A lot of advanced controls to create really modern application* A lot of controls has multi-theme (style) adjustments (for example, one button can looks and works as push button, tool button, spin button and many more) * Additional collection of controls, which use GDI+ (buttons with a lot of shapes type and vector glyphs, edits, memos with transparency, listboxes, comboboxes, meters, sliders, switches and many more)* special adapter unit to use VCL Styles with DevExpress controls* support of "PerMonitorV2" DPI Awareness option (available in 10.3 Rio) for all controls (they use per monitor system metrics and theme data)You can find a lot of really cool VCL Styles on DelphiStyles.com:https://delphistyles.com/vcl/index.htmlOn the pictures you can see demos on Monitors with 125%+ DPI...
  7. We are glad to announce that StyleControls VCL and all other products with support of with RAD Sudio 10.3 Rio just released!http://www.almdev.comWhat's new:- added: support of RAD Studio 10.3 Rio- added: support of "PerMonitorV2" DPI Awareness option (available in 10.3 Rio) for all controls (now they use per monitor system metrics and theme data) - added: a lot of improvements in controls for better scaling- improved: TscHint component - now it uses per monitor font size and per monitor cursor size to get position- added: TscHint.ActiveForApplication property - use it to replace all hints in applications to hints from TscHint component (it helps you to fix all problems with hints on multi-monitors High-DPI systems)- updated: all HIgh-DPI demos - now they compiled in 10.3 RioOn the pictures you can see our demos with "PerMonitorV2" DPI Awareness option, which moved between 2 monitors...
  8. Almediadev Support

    UWP-like Applications with custom design or with VCL Styles

    We'll try to implement some things from Fluent API in the future, but it's not easy with VCL core. At this moment goal is creating modern VCL applications. Solution is flexible, works on High-DPI systems with VCL Styles or with custom adjustment. With StyleControls you can create nice UI core and use any other third-party VCL controls.
  9. Fellow Delphi Developers! StyleControls VCL 4.18 just released! http://www.almdev.com In this version we continue to improve our solution to create UWP-like applications. Also we updated UWP MultiView demo template with VCL Styles and with custom adjustment (now you can see styled second UWP form and styled UWP form for messages). These demos show that you can create styled application, in which all forms will have system DWM shadow, with custom design or with VCL Styles!
  10. Fellow Delphi Developers!StyleControls VCL 4.15 just released!http://www.almdev.comWhat's new:* added: TscGPPageViewer control - transparent page control with pages, which inherited from TscGPPanel (see new CustomGPUWP_MultiView demo)* added: new shape styles for TscGPButton, TscGPGlyphButton and TscGPCharGlyphButton controls (scgpLeftLine, scgpRightLine, scgpTopLine, scgpBottomLine)* added: ScaleInt, ScaleDouble methods to the TscStyledForm component (scale values unsing scale factor of current form)* added: TscGPPanel.BlurBackgorund and TscGPPanel.BlurBackgorundAmount properties (now background of the panel can be with blur effect)* added: High-DPI UWP MultiView Demo (UWP demo template, which helps you to create Modern Application with MultiView UI)Regards,Almediadev