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  1. Levente

    Application terminate on Android/iOS

    What is the best way to close the application completely under Android and iOS operating system. The application was developed for remote control of a device, the user must exit the application after completing the control task and the application can no longer run in the background. It doesn't work: procedure TMain.btn_ExitClick(Sender: TObject); begin IdIOHandlerStack1.Close; Application.Terminate; end;
  2. Dave, Thank You very much for your help, it works. 🙂 I wish you all the best. Levente
  3. Please send me Your email address so I can add it to the testers
  4. Link from the Google Play - Internal Test page https://play.google.com/apps/internaltest/4698830303559152996
  5. I have the following: Delphi 11 patch 1 on Windows 10, The mobile app crashes after the splash screen. The Android mobile application developed in Delphi 11 works without error when I download it directly to my phone (via USB), it has been tested on several phones, on different Android versions it never crashed after the splash screen. I uploaded the * .aab file to Google Play, it was accepted by Google without error, after downloading the app from Google Play, it crashes after the splash screen. Only one permission is enabled on android.permission.INTERNET. Where am I looking for the bug. Levente