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  1. bilbo221

    One-button app to stop all explorer windows from flashing.

    i'm on win 10 now same story
  2. Thanks for reading my question! I have an app that spawns multiple explorer windows. The problem is, sometimes these windows will FLASH in the user's taskbar. This is probably an artifact of the way that a new window becomes "activated" when it is instantiated--but, if the user is clicking on something else during the window creation process, then MS Windows assumes that the window should beckon for the user's attention. And thus it "flashes" the window in the taskbar. Which can be annoying for my app users. So basically, my goal is to create a one-button app that will halt all explorer windows from flashing. <see attached image> One way to do this would be to send focus (activate) the flashing explorer window. The problem with this method is i would have to steal focus away from the user's app. And I don't want to do that. I think another way might be to use some variation of techniques suggested here https://stackoverflow.com/questions/21987/flashwindowex-flashw-stop-still-keeps-taskbar-colored But i'm not sure. Anyway have any ideas? Thanks!
  3. We just have a simple Windows desktop app -- of which we'd like to prevent multiple instances from running. e.g. like this corneliusconcepts.tech/preventing-multiple-application-instances-delphi-tmutex The problem is, some other apps often prevent our app from creating a mutex entry. Consequently, as the user clicks on the shortcut icon, instead of the initial instance being brought to the foreground, multiple exe files are created. And the task manager just shows multiple instances for each click of the shortcut icon. e.g. MyApp.exe MyApp.exe MyApp.exe MyApp.exe Anyone know a better way to prevent multiple instances in Delphi? Maybe via the second suggestion here https://stackoverflow.com/questions/646480 Thanks!