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    What's the equivalent of this ?

    Hi, What's the equivalent of this code in C# ? procedure FetchFromIStream( myStream : TStream ; myIStream : IStream ) ; var TOS : TOLEStream ; begin TOS:=TOLEStream.Create(myIStream) ; try TOS.position:=0 ; myStream.position:=0 ; myStream.copyFrom(TOS,TOS.Size) ; myStream.Position:=0 ; TOS.position:=0 ; finally FreeAndNil(TOS); End ; end ; TIA
  2. Hi, I have an application which loads & uses an unmanaged dll. All I have to do is drop the dll it in a specific folder. Can I use a .Net dll instead ? (I know the .Net dll needs to expose the same functions which are in the unmanaged dll) Can an unmanaged & managed DLLs be used interchangeably ? Thanks
  3. AndrewHoward

    Managed dll instead of an unmanaged one

    Thank you. Would using a managed C# DLL in unmanaged Delphi app cause any CLR issues ? Thanks
  4. AndrewHoward

    Delphi books

    Hi, Which delphi books do you recommend ? Thanks
  5. Hello, I am receiving data about different holidays in a delimited string e.g: Booking number, flight details, package type, etc... There are serveral holiday types e.g Beach holidays Ski holidays All-inclusive City breaks Most of the holiday types have the same fields but there are some differences, e.g. some holidays don't have fight details. I would like to create a function to which I pass the delimited string & it returns the object which represents the booked holiday: Booking number, flight details, package type Booking number, cruise details, package type, pick-up point Which is the best to achieve this ? I can create a record which holds all possible fields & return that as a result. Is there a better way? Thank you.
  6. Hi, Why do these two statemets give different results ? Pos('#$02','bla,bla,#$02,bla');// Pos = 9 const STX=#$02; Pos(STX,'bla,bla,#$02,bla'); // Pos = 0 Thanks
  7. Hi, I'm receiving data in this format: [STX][0x1C][Field1][0x1C][Field2][0x1C][Field3][Field4][0x1C][ETX][LRC] Which is the best way to read the fields between [STX] & [ETX] without using a loop? Field1, Field2, Field3 & Field4 length are 2,6,3,5 respectively. I'm using delphi & TComPort. Thank you.
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    Detect ACK & NAK

    Hi, I'm trying comport (https://sourceforge.net/projects/comport/) using Delphi, how do I detect ACK & NAK ? Thank you
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    RS232 component

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a non-visual component for RS232 serial commnuncation ? I'm working on a project which sends data over RS232. I need to create requests & intercept responses. Any RS232 components I can use or good examples I can browse ? I'm using Delphi XE7. My app is to run on Window platform. Thank you