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  1. DrShepard

    FireDAC with multiple SQL

    Hello! I am trying to execute multiple SQL statements at once in an anonymous block of code. I am using FireDAC and Postgres database. When I set the parameters, I get an error on execution: 'Parameter 'p_val1' not found' https://pastebin.com/dPRB8T3d I tried TFDСommand and TFDScript objects, but it didn't help. What am I doing wrong?
  2. DrShepard

    XLS 2 XLSX

    This method doesn't work in cycle. uses Winapi.Windows, Winapi.ShellApi, System.SysUtils; var Command: PWideChar; SearchRec: TSearchRec; XLSdir, XLSXdir: string; begin try XLSdir := ExtractFilePath(ParamStr(0)) + 'xls'; XLSXdir := ExtractFilePath(ParamStr(0)) + 'xlsx'; if FindFirst(XLSdir + '\*.xls', faAnyFile, SearchRec) = 0 then repeat if (SearchRec.Name = '.') or (SearchRec.Name = '..') then continue; WriteLn(SearchRec.Name); Command := PChar('/c ""C:\Program Files\LibreOffice\program\soffice.exe" --convert-to xlsx "' + XLSdir + '\' + SearchRec.Name + '" -outdir "' + XLSXdir + '""'); ShellExecute(GetModuleHandle(nil), 'open', 'cmd.exe', Command, nil, SW_HIDE); Sleep(1000); until FindNext(SearchRec) <> 0; except on E: Exception do Writeln(E.ClassName, ': ', E.Message); end; Write(#13#10 + 'press any key to continue...'); ReadLn; end.
  3. DrShepard

    XLS 2 XLSX

    I 'm looking for freeware solution, that's why TMS is not my way
  4. Hello! I need to convert xls-file to xlsx-file without OLE. Any ideas?
  5. DrShepard

    TEdit hint in OnKeyPress

    The problem was solved) Topic is not actual anymore
  6. DrShepard

    TEdit hint in OnKeyPress

    I know about TBalloonHint component, but I want to make system hint as I said. See attach again.
  7. DrShepard

    TEdit hint in OnKeyPress

    Hello! I need to make hint appears in OnKeyPress event like in NumbersOnly-property (see attach). Because I use another input logic (not only numbers, but some special symbols too). I know that hint message is generated by Windows itself. What should I do?