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  1. Hi, The following exception is raised when installing or uninstalling a GetIt Package that requires the IDE to restart. This happens in both Delphi 10.4.1 and 10.4.2. For example, I got this exception updating to the newer version of FmxLinux in both IDEs. This is with 1.3.18 release of GExperts.
  2. Roland Skinner

    Project Backup - Include HTML Files

    Hi, With TMS Web Core integrating into the IDE for web-applications, when backing up a web-project, GExperts currently backs up the HTML-file for the project, but not the HTML-files associated with any forms in the web-project. Can the Project Backup functionality please be extended to also include the forms' HTML-files in the zip-file? Thanks in advance. Regards, Roland Skinner
  3. Roland Skinner

    Filter Exceptions expert and IOS / Android apps

    Hi. No problem assisting. I've been using GExperts for probably 20 years; glad I can help out. This is Linux, with GExperts uninstalled: "Error Message": Division by Zero: Accessing Nil-pointer (calling ClassName on TObject variable): Now with GExperts installed and exception-expert enabled: Division by Zero: Accessing Nil-pointer: Then, in iOS (GExperts installed and expert enabled): Division by Zero: Accessing Nil-pointer: I'll report the errors with the message to Embarcadero. I actually came here looking about issues I have with the Linux debugger, to see if anyone else had experienced the problems I've noticed. I'll report these too. (For example, objects are displayed as pointer-addresses only, yet you can see their member-values in a popup-inspector.)
  4. Roland Skinner

    Filter Exceptions expert and IOS / Android apps

    Hi again. Just realized I could test Android 32-bit for you too. Same device (Android 10 64-bit). It works: And working on a 32-bit device (Android 7 - 32-bit): Looks like it is just 64-bit Android now.
  5. Roland Skinner

    Filter Exceptions expert and IOS / Android apps

    Hi. Ok, fixed in Linux (tested with Ubuntu 20.04.2). Get this exception message for Linux in Delphi, which should have had message "Error Message" (this could be a Delphi error; I noticed it also after disabling the exception expert the other day): MacOS (10.15.7) all good: iOS (13.7) working, but same issue as Linux: Android (10 - 64-bit) still fails: I trust this helps...
  6. Roland Skinner

    Filter Exceptions expert and IOS / Android apps

    Hi. I can test it if you like. I've experienced the AV debugging both Android and Linux applications. I can test MacOS and iOS too. What do you need me to do?