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  1. That's what I did, extract the string name of the interface and search in my interface list. Just experimenting with rtti and trying to do some kind of dependency injection, try to inject a generic function that actually return the object when is used (Lazy loading). Thanks for your comments
  2. procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject); var ctx:TRttiContext; rf:TRttiField; begin //test ctx := TRttiContext.Create; rf := ctx.GetType(Self.ClassType).GetField('MyField'); if rf.FieldType is TRttiInterfaceType then begin Log('GUID: '+ TRttiInterfaceType(rf.FieldType).GUID.ToString ); Log('GUID: '+ rf.FieldType.Handle.TypeData.GUID.ToString ); end; end; Hi, this is the test code Delphi 10.2 win10
  3. Hi From TForm1 object I need to know the GUID of ITestA from field MyField. But the field is an anonymous function that I try to use a a lazy loading logic type ITestA = interface ['{0BE93958-EAC8-429B-A498-221B93328551}'] end; TForm1 = class(TForm) private MyField:TFunc<ITestA>; end; Using RTTI can investigate TForm1 class and "MyField" is recognized as TRttiInterfaceType but the GUID property returns {00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000} TRttiInterfaceType(rf.FieldType).GUID.ToString is there any way to achieve this ? regards
  4. jairgza

    Yaml to json simple convert

    My bad, I think I didn't explain myself sorry, it's not a one time conversion, but every time the app runs needs to read a yaml file and translate into json so all the current (large) code can be used without modification. The yaml files are edited manually by users. cheers
  5. jairgza

    Yaml to json simple convert

    Yes, as you say, its only one time read, I'm not going to generate any yaml from programs. I was looking for something already usable in delphi, but I think im going to use grijjy neslib to make my own converter 🙂
  6. jairgza

    Yaml to json simple convert

    Hi all I have some new yaml files for settings that I need to read, all my apps use json parsers (TDocVariantData or JsonDataObjects) and I was looking an easy way to just convert yaml text to json text and continue using my already implemented and familiar json parsers. I found one yaml parsers but it does not convert to json. Any of you know some library or how to do this ? thanks
  7. I need a bpl to share some units, classes, functions, etc, but there are some auxiliary units just for internal use within the package, I dont want those units to be exposed or available to be used on some host project. Is there a way to hide or make those units private ? Thanks