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  1. freeman35

    Search for GX_FavFiles

    Hello, I'll try add search on TreeView, but, I can not add on default treeview. Have any one idea about this?
  2. freeman35

    Why not be in GExperts

    Yes you right. But, its not with source, so can not be modify and new delphi version will be supoprt? another think minimum tool load is beter. ofsource this are my ideas. Codes is your :) Regards
  3. freeman35

    Why not be in GExperts

    Hello, Like a this tool(homepage) why not be in GExperts :) ( Link for just idea ) https://www.danielwolf.eu/blog/2015/1668-meine-vorstellung-einer-willkommens-seite Best regards
  4. freeman35

    MMX 15 (Beta) Available

    I tested in 10.3.1 and start to use new build now. Thank you so much,
  5. freeman35

    MMX 15 (Beta) Available

    Thank you very much. No problem. I'll upgrade later to 10.3.2. Not sure but, If I'm not wrong, when change font(s) in option, its not applied. I can not be sure, and no detail sorry. Let you know, I'm so happy using to your tool. Thank you.
  6. freeman35

    MMX 15 (Beta) Available

    Hi Uwe, I get this error on 10.3.1 rio while startup. All in 15 version build.
  7. freeman35

    MMX 15 (Beta) Available

    Hello Uwe, Has problem on "Entity Insight bar" You can see on screebshot. When first run on Beta 15, that bar showed on tab of editor. I can not move it to right side. it was on rigth side of editor (ver 14) so I emoved and re try to open it, But I can not find it where is it. Seconf error is get access voilation error when try "customise..." via popup menu.. Follow error detail in second screenshot. Best regards
  8. freeman35

    GExperts Select Components Expert

    I saw Kylix compiler directive, This code writed before killed kylix 😪 Thank you for share
  9. freeman35

    How to clone settings ?

    I think I found that :) under this reg key. All datas there. Export and import will be enough. ofcourse need install firstime. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Raabe Software
  10. freeman35

    How to clone settings ?

    No I'm not wait, ini file is better. And Have not to be one file. xml is not easy edit and easy find name&value, my vote to ini. But no one share how to clone settings now :) registry or where is that ? This is much importend and main question :) Thank you. And sorry Uwe, I forget, thank you so much for much helpful project and shared it to free. Best regards.
  11. freeman35

    How to clone settings ?

    Hello Uwe, How to clone MMX settings to another system? "Sytem" mean, diffrent windows, diffrent IDE version. Which file and where is that (path & filename)? I think for settings, ini file is always better then registry entry. For multi user (OS) windows, this file(s) or path be in registry. otherwise under istall dir can be. This is my suggestion just. Thank you, regards.
  12. Hello, Is it posible add "search shortcut" in properties -> "key bindings" node ? And not sure posible OTA support, access to other tool's shortcut(s). If is it possible, can be add conflict info about items. (conflict IDE short cut and / or conflict Gexpert .... and /or conflict bla bla... etc.) Tank you so much for, so helpfull IDE tool. Best regards.