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  1. Микола Петрівський

    Mojave with RAD Studio 10.2.3?

    XCodes can coexist, but only one of them will be default. RAD Studio uses default XCode to get SDK. I usually just rename nondefault XCodes to something like "XCode 1010.app", and default remains "XCode.app". Installation of new XCode via AppStore usually replaces current default one. But if you download archive, then you can choose what to do.
  2. Микола Петрівський

    Mojave with RAD Studio 10.2.3?

    Tokyo can compile apps for Mojave, but you have to use XCode 9.X.X, because different versions of XCode have different versions of SDK. And Tokyo does not work with fresh SDK, at least not out of the box. Also, debugger on Mojave does not work. 10.3 Rio can work with any existing version of XCode, but also has troubles with debugger. You have to launch app without debugger, and then attach to running app.
  3. Микола Петрівський

    RAD server console Ext JS UI why not written in Delphi?

    Probably opening a webpage in browser is easier then connecting to the server via RDP.
  4. Микола Петрівський

    heavy bug 10.2 10.3 RIO passing parameter pointers in anonymous methods

    EurekaLog is also good. And for debug builds you can use SafeMM.
  5. Микола Петрівський

    heavy bug 10.2 10.3 RIO passing parameter pointers in anonymous methods

    You should try other memory managers and see how your test app behaves. There are plenty of them: ScaleMM, SapMM, Nexus Memory Manager.
  6. Микола Петрівський

    Delphi, be better!

    No matter how you like new releases each year or not, but they are imminent, because lots of bug fixes require interface changes in units, and this means new release. Alternate solution would be huge code refactoring, that breaks lots of existing code, but makes interface changes less necessary in future.
  7. Микола Петрівський

    Rio quality disappoint

    If your biggest problem is code completion, than you should try CnWizards. They replace standard code completion with their own implementation. Also, they have a ton of other features, so definitely worth checking.
  8. Микола Петрівський

    appending to a dynamic array

    Second link counts COW as immutable. While in Delphi community we usually treat it as attribute of mutable strings.
  9. Микола Петрівський

    Rio quality disappoint

    Lots of problems can be caused by custom components and experts if they are installed in IDE. They all run in the same address space, so a small bug in third party component can break almost anything. So if you have problems, try to disable third party packages in IDE. Another problem is when people try to edit > 10 Mb pas-files or forms with huge amount of components. In such situations IDE is almost screaming: "Do not violate coding best practices, split it in to multiple pieces".
  10. Микола Петрівський

    GetIt Package Manager Item buttons only partially visible

    Different HiDPI compatibility options have been in Windows since Vista. So you definitely should check them. Also Vista and 7 had so called "XP scaling" that have been enabled by default for 125% System scaling: https://www.techrepublic.com/blog/windows-and-office/get-a-better-view-in-windows-7-by-adjusting-dpi-scaling/ When "XP scaling" is active, all apps scale themselves regardless of their manifest, like in Windows 10 with compatibility options enabled.
  11. Микола Петрівський

    Delphi, be better!

    I have to disagree. You can go through release notes for a few previous releases and look for code contributions in Jira tickets. You will see, that very few of them go in to Embarcadero codebase, and most are rejected. This is because usually there are much better ways to fix a bug, but developer needs very deep knowledge of framework code. Embt employees have these knowledge, but average developers don't. So while there certainly will be some minor improvement in quality, miracle will not happen. And there are obvious downsides of open sourcing codebase.
  12. Микола Петрівський

    Issues with Fontscaling for HDPI in Delphi Berlin

    Yep, current HiDPI handling in VCL is far from perfect, but it has been substantially improved in Rio. I hope, they will continue moving in that direction. As for TFont.PixelsPerInch, I belive, this bug exists for more than 10 years. Fixing it will require massive changes in VCL, that is why it still exist.
  13. Микола Петрівський

    GetIt Package Manager Item buttons only partially visible

    This only happens if compatibility options are enabled for bds.exe: https://www.windowscentral.com/how-change-high-dpi-settings-classic-apps-windows-10-april-2018-update But latest Windows 10 releases are able to switch these settings automatically.
  14. Микола Петрівський

    Delphi 10.3 Rio: Impossible to find entry point "GetProductInfo" under WinXP

    This is probably caused by smart linking. In smaller projects you do not use classes, that can call GetProductInfo, that is why they have been eliminated entirely. And once no one references GetProductInfo, it can be eliminated too.
  15. Микола Петрівський

    Smart Pointers - Generics vrs non-generic implementastion

    @Rudy Velthuis Nice idea, but does not work well with automatic type inference: var Bob := SmartPtr<TTalking>(TTalking.Create('Bob'));