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  1. Stregor

    SmartScreen troubles

    Hi guys, My old Code Signing certificate (trusted by Smart Screen) was expired. I bought the new one (from Comodo/Sectigo), and with it i bought a problems with Windows Smart Screen. In Win10 and in Edge browser my customers see, that my software installer is a risky and can potentially damage computer. Discourage :( My company has no many customers. So rebuild trust will take a lot of time. Is a way to speed up that process? Submit a file for malware analysis - Microsoft Security Intelligence is a correct way or maybe exists different, better way?
  2. Stregor

    MMX for Delphi 10.3 Rio

    Hello Uwe. I was tested 15.x a moment ago, and: Ctrl+E when i edit entire class TFoo - about 50 sec with "Check Packages" checked (seems no matter first or next use, but i did not measure it with a stopwatch) Ctrl+E when i edit entire class TFoo - about 1 sec with "Check Packages" unchecked 14.x Ctrl+E when i edit entire class TFoo - First use - 14 sec, second and next uses - 4-6 sec with "Check Packages" checked Ctrl+E when i edit entire class TFoo - about 1 sec with "Check Packages" unchecked
  3. Stregor

    MMX for Delphi 10.3 Rio

    Hello. I'm using Rio 10.3.2 and newest MMX 15.x. My project is quite big - about 350 .dfm and about 700 .pas I observe dramatically reduced speed of using "Open Unit" dialog (Ctrl+F12) and "Edit Entity" (Ctrl+E). From click Ctrl+E to show dialog - especially when i want edit entire class or interface, not class member - sometime i must wait a minutes! Yesterday for about 35 minutes of waiting i must kill Delphi. First i blamed Rio, but when i uninstall MMX 15 and go back to MMX 14.x then speed return to normal. Still not lighting speed but acceptable :) P.S. in Delphi Seattle is the same problem with MMX speed.
  4. Stregor

    Unused local variables

    I have problem with that. I create small test project, one form with one visual component. Visual component is a part of, for example, devex library. I want to not recompile devex every time I must build project, so: 1) I build my project once, 2) I copied devex .dcu from project output dir to a separate directory (for example "builded_dcu") 3) I remove path to devex source files from Library path and put it to Browse path 4) I put path to "builded_dcu" folder to Delphi Library path. And... If I compile, it's work. Delphi use ""builded_dcu" as source of Devex .dcu, compile only my own code, everything is ok. But when I build my project, Delphi want access to .dfm and .res files from Devex source. What i do wrong? I must build my own code, because i use simultaneously 2 or more build configurations with different conditional defines with my own code. Workaround will be put in Library path first path to "builded_dcu", then path to Devex source, but when I build, I build all, my own code and Devex code. I must copy every single .dfm and .res from Devex to "builded_dcu" folder? Or is a other way, and I do some terrible mistake?
  5. Stregor

    Inline Variables Coming in 10.3

    Marco write: procedure Test; // declaration and initialization in a single statement begin var I: Integer := 22; ShowMessage (I.ToString); end; Why not go one step further and allow initializing local variables? IMHO will be nice to type: procedure Test; var lLastName: string := 'Type last name here'; begin lLastName := InputLastNameThere(lLastName); end; Of course, this will be a syntactic sugar, because compiler must add lLastName := 'Type last name here'; at the first line after begin