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  1. I'm developing an application for an Android device. I use Sqlite database during this application. I could not export the Sqlite databse I use to the android device SDCard. This procedure is working . procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject); var CommonPath: string; SourceFile: string; BackupFile: string; begin CommonPath := System.IOUtils.TPath.GetDocumentsPath; SourceFile := System.IOUtils.TPath.Combine(CommonPath, 'MySource.db'); BackupFile := System.IOUtils.TPath.Combine(CommonPath, 'MyBackup.db'); FDSQLiteBackup1.Database := SourceFile; FDSQLiteBackup1.DestDatabase := BackupFile; FDSQLiteBackup1.Backup; end; //FDconnection1.Params.Values['database'] := GetHomePath+PathDelim+'aplantrans.db'; I did not solve BackupFile . I want to use SdCard BackupFile := System.IOUtils.TPath.Combine(CommonPath,