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  1. karl Jonson

    TortoiseGit with Delphi 10 Seattle

    Hi all, Anyone is using Delphi 10 Seattle with TortoiseGit ? How did you setup your Git screen in Tools\Options\Version Control ? If I add path\TortoiseGit.exe to Git Executable field Seattle hangs ! Thanks
  2. Hi, How can I used TortoiseGit with Delphi 10 to access code in DevOps ? I have installed Git & TortoiseGit. I have generated PAT token in DevOps. I added token to Windows credential manager. Now, which is the best way to use TortoiseGit to fetch code in Azure DevOps & use it Delphi 10 ? Thanks
  3. karl Jonson

    String into TArray<Byte>

    Hi, What is the best way to convert string 'ABC' into TArray<Byte> ? TIA
  4. karl Jonson

    Default value

    Hi, How can I give Index variable in TExample a default value of -1 ? TExample = class Index : integer; end TIA
  5. karl Jonson


    Hi, What's the best method to convert hexadecimal (e.g. F0) to binary (e.g. 11110000) ? Thank you.
  6. karl Jonson

    Compare byte array to ansichar

    Thanks. It's ansichar type. I need to check if MyByteArray = MyansiChar (eg. control character EOT)
  7. karl Jonson

    Compare byte array to ansichar

    The types used are: array[0..12] of Byte system.ansichar TA
  8. Hi, I would like to compare byte array to ansichar. If MyByteArray = MyansiChar then ... Which is the best method to do that ? TA