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  1. Geowink

    Absolute Database question

    I have used Absolute for a long time and find it really easy to use and handle for anything I was doing. They have always responded to questions (few) and I would suggest trying it. Easy to do SQL stuff.
  2. Geowink

    Missing DPR

    Finally determined the problem. For some reason the location of the files was not in the Library. I tracked down their locations, put them in the Library and things now compile. Thanks for your help in tracking this down.
  3. Geowink

    Missing DPR

    Here is the error message (DCC Fatal Error) NewXX.dpr(1):F1027 Unit not found:'System.pas' or binary equivalents (.dcu) Not sure what System.pas is.
  4. Geowink

    Missing DPR

    Had to get a new PC. Put Delphi 2009 on it (can't afford Embarcadero's ridiculous price) and when I try to compile an old project it says the dpr file is missing. It is not missing. The file is there. Any idea what is missing?
  5. Geowink

    Migration from BDE paradox to TFDtable or other options

    A long time ago I used the Absolute Database. It was very simple and easy to use. Worked perfectly.
  6. Geowink

    Printing Multiple Charts that Span Pages

    Have you looked at Rave from Nevrona http://www.nevrona.com I have used this report system for decades. Very easy to get a PDF.
  7. Geowink

    Report components: good, bad, ugly

    I have used Rave for years and the reason is because all my printing (reports) is done by code. I can print anything exactly where I want it to be printed, not where some template wants it.