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  1. Gord P

    Is this C++ builders new FORUM ???

    Yup, brutal.
  2. Gord P

    Welcome, users of C++Builder

    https://blogs.embarcadero.com/community/ That link has both Delphi and C++builder community links. C++Builder just isn't that active. Maybe the FB site is, don't know, don't have FB. I personally like the Praxis site, but it seems that there are not a lot of C++Builder users in the first place and now they (we) are scattered around.
  3. Gord P

    Welcome, users of C++Builder

    Thanks very much for creating a space here for C++Builder users. There is not a lot of community support out there for C++Builder (and none from Embarcadero anymore - what a shame). It looks like the Delphi-PRAXiS forum is well used which is great. Even though I don't use Delphi I still learn about VCL and other topics from the Delphi crowd. Glad to see that it is active.