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  1. farcodev

    Testing functionality "ignore topic"

    Thank you for this option!
  2. Like someone said on this thread, you can take the FPC / Lazarus way, it's an available and working "reinvented wheel". Embarcadero is a company (an evil word for the OSS world) and if they want to keep their compiler closed-source it's their business. And the old trope "open sourced software is better than closed-sourced only because it is open-source" is old and non factual. I have nothing against the open source world, but the fanatism and SJWarriorism of these OSS communities bore me to no end, and it grown exponentially since the last 5-10 years.
  3. farcodev

    Changes in Parallel Library

    @pyscripter a good old Threadripper 1950x :) 16 cores / 32 threads overclocked @ 3.7Ghz. I upgraded it from my "old" 3930K Intel in August 2017.
  4. farcodev

    Changes in Parallel Library

    Here's my test with your code to give a version w/ 10.2. 402 WorkerThreadCount: 32 MinLimitWorkerThreadCount: 32 MaxLimitWorkerThreadCount: 800 w/ TThreadPool.Default.SetMinWorkerThreads(50);  214 WorkerThreadCount: 50 MinLimitWorkerThreadCount: 50 MaxLimitWorkerThreadCount: 800 So all works well either.
  5. farcodev

    OmniPascal 0.17.0 released

    Thanks! I using it within Visual Studio Code, beside Delphi.
  6. farcodev

    Codex 1.1.0 released

    I didn't known about it too! Thanks!
  7. Another transfuge of the G+ Delphi Developers Community here. Thanks to hosting us!