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  1. I don't see other posts regarding this so it makes me wonder. I was previously developing on Delphi 10.4 when some of my customers reported that after upgrading to Monterey 12.6, their applications that I made stopped opening. After being told I need to upgrade to Delphi 11.2, I did, and was able to debug my apps. I discovered that none of the .bmp files that my program was attempting to load and display worked. And my app had about a hundred of them on screen at one time. They were small files, under 6kb each. The message just said they could not be loaded. I also noticed, on my Mac laptop running 12.6 and an M1 chip, that I could not even view the .bmp files in Viewer. Very strange indeed. The message said they were damaged and something else, but basically they could not be viewed. When I converted these files to .gif images, they loaded just fine and that was my solution. Has anyone else seen this? Better yet, does anyone have an app running on Monterey 12.6 that does load .bmp files and display them? I have searched online for anything on this and so far have come up with nothing. It seems to be system-wide and Mac-Monterey 12.6-wide (works fine on earlier Monterey and other versions). Thanks~! Robert
  2. meshael

    Apps not working on Mac Monterey

    Okay, that is great to know. Thanks Uwe!
  3. One of my customers just informed me that after she upgraded her Mac to Monterey, all three of my apps on her computer will not open. They work fine on earlier versions, were compiled in Delphi 10.4 on a Windows 11 computer hooked to a MacBook Pro. Anyone encountered this? Any solutions? Robert
  4. meshael

    App not running on Mac in applications folder

    Your comments cause me to take a closer look at my code. And I found some discrepancies with the file paths. That appears to have been the problem. It now runs in the /Applications folder. Thanks everyone! Now I can get on with creating the installer.
  5. meshael

    App not running on Mac in applications folder

    I think you are on to something here. If the app is located in the /Applications/MyApp/ folder shouldn't it have access rights to all folders and subfolders under it? It is using the same /Applications/MyApp/ folders for access to ancillary files when it is running from the PAServer/scratch-dir folder. So, for some reason it has rights there. But again, when I move the application to this same MyApp folder is when it fails. How do I check the access rights? I am noob with Macs.
  6. meshael

    App not running on Mac in applications folder

    Thanks for this. However, I am having no problem with debugging. The app runs fine in the debugging and release modes as long as it is in the PAServer/Scratch-dir When I copy the Destiny6.app file to the Applications folder, it does not run there. It never opens even though it does start running. And I can't debug that one. Still searching for an answer...
  7. meshael

    App not running on Mac in applications folder

    Yes, thanks, I did just that. I put show messages in a few of the forms' create procedure. It did two of them and then disappeared. I need to do more investigation.
  8. meshael

    App not running on Mac in applications folder

    Thanks, It runs fine clicking on it in the PAServer folder. Its just when I move it to the /Applications/MyApp folder that it fails to open. No errors displayed, the main form just never comes up. But thanks, I will check the permissions in the /Applications folder and see if something is not correct there! Robert
  9. Hi, I finally got everything to work with my application that has over 1,000 ancillary files. I have notarized it and it runs, from the PAServer folder. From there, it is accessing the ancillary files located in a program folder in the Applications folder. When I copy the application to the Applications folder and then run it from there, it never appears. It just starts up and then disappears. I do not get any error messages. And I don't think I can debug it from there because its the PAServer copy that is being used for debugging. Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks, Robert
  10. One other question. If I add all these files to the deployment, isn't that going to make the building and running of the program a lot longer? I tried dragging a folder into the deployment and it didn't work. But I do see where I can add the 53 or so files from a subfolder and then change the remote path for all of them at once. Thanks!
  11. thanks man, I appreciate your contribution here. However, in my case, there are 20 different subfolders. And the remote path must match. So for each file I have to edit the remote path. It it still quite a bit of editing. I don't know why I can't just drag a subfolder into it and have the remote path match up. They are all text files and some graphic files, and for about 18 of the subfolders, the files have the same name, i.e. 0.txt, 1.txt, 2.txt, etc. So I need them to stay in separate subfolders. I access them by subfolder/name Robert
  12. Yea Doug, That deployment thing is way too tedious for 1,000 files. So, I just copied them to the Mac and added them to the installer. I appreciate your response, thanks.
  13. Hi Dave, Where can I find some documentation on using Mosco. I have it installed. When I click on it to run it, nothing happens. The install of Mosco itself was very nice and I can see some of the features there. I am excited to explore it. Robert
  14. Hi Dave, I have joined your Slack workspace this past week. Waiting for the beta that is notarized so I can test it and see. Is the notarized version out yet? I am fairly surprised that there isn't a commercial or open source, full featured installer maker for the Mac. My application is one I have been selling on the PC for over 20 years, just trying to get it out to my Mac customers as well. Here is a picture of the main form. Robert