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  1. stijnsanders

    Exclude already read posts

    I just consume the RSS feed with my (own) feed reader
  2. stijnsanders

    PDF Encryption

    You should check if synpdf can do it: https://github.com/synopse/SynPDF
  3. Because of the problems with Delphi's own ISAPI units, and because I'm always searching to have the thinnest possible wrapper around things, I've created my own ISAPI units for my own web-solution: https://github.com/stijnsanders/xxm#xxm There's a lot more in the project where the entire website compiles into a single library, and the ISAPI handler (or the Apache handler, or the SCGI handler) can re-compile the library if the source has changes, or auto-update the library when a new version is available, all hot-loaded by suspending incoming requests a little while unloading the old and loading the new. But in this specific case I wonder if you would run into the same problem if you base your project on xxm.
  4. stijnsanders

    TJson - Strip TDateTime property where value is 0?

    In case anyone would be interested. Because when working with Variants with ADO, and because I really dislike long lists of overloads, I've created my own JSON handler fully based on Variants (and arrays of Variants, and Variants holding IUnknown derivatives...): https://github.com/stijnsanders/jsonDoc#jsondoc And Variant has a Null value as well, which could solve this problem. (And also a varDate VarType, but I just notice now that my jsonDoc converts from varDate to JSON, but not correctly back, hmm.. but like Attila Kovacs says above, it's open source so you could just add a type handler any way you like)
  5. Is there a page that lists alternatives? I would like to list my Delphi+HTTP platform there also so people can check it out and decide what would suit them best: https://github.com/stijnsanders/xxm It started as a way to use the Delphi compiler to create dynamic web-pages, and not so much a API/ORM/Data-connector style HTTP+Delphi setup you see with almost all the other solutions. I kept a strong focus on having everything for the website in a single DLL, and have the option of switching the same DLL between IIS, Apache or anything really. And even hot-swapping the DLL for a next version of the DLL, suspending new requests a little to unload the old DLL and load the new one instead. This is also something I haven't seen with other Delphi for the web solutions out there...
  6. stijnsanders

    Troubled relationship with m$Xml

    I myself mostly use MSXML2_TLB.pas imported from the type library of Microsoft XML itself, not Delphi's take on it which makes things unneccessarily complicated. Also what you may need is to set LDocument.setProperty('SelectionNamespaces','xmlns="urn:iso:std:iso:20022:tech:xsd:camt.053.001.02"'); to make it work
  7. stijnsanders

    HELP: Using C++ .dll in Delphi

    Also use PAnsiChar instead of string. It's a stricter translation of C’s *char and Delphi has great auto conversion to and from string with it
  8. stijnsanders


    I'm not familiar with the PaxCompiler, but what I read about it, it sounds somewhat similar to DWScript, perhaps it's worth looking into porting over to something like that?
  9. stijnsanders

    Copied text from posts contains garbage character

    I'm used to other on-web-page editors to have Ctrl+K pop up the 'link' dialog box so I can paste a URL. Here you have to click the link icon. I've updated my original post.
  10. stijnsanders

    libpq.dll for FireDAC?

    I don't need FireDAC, I've made my own libPQ wrapper
  11. stijnsanders

    Version Control System

    I made my own diff just to get it the way I want it: DirDiff What I didn't want is the stuff that's the same for both twice on screen. The last re-work I did on it enabled diffs between 3 or more files, but that's still not exactly what's needed for conflict resolution. I've open-sourced it here: Github...
  12. stijnsanders

    Measure Process Time

    And then there's also memory refresh and other system interrupts that will happen inbetween your program. If you have a multi-processor machine, what you could also do is set processor affinity to force the thread(s) to run on a single core, to minimize interruptions like this.
  13. stijnsanders

    Strange Behaviour of FillChar for Non Byte Array Arrays.

    Haha! That's a question of mine! I wonder if it's still the same asm in 64-bits.
  14. Aren't there compiler settings you could set so the 'Release' build would exclude RTTI, so you could still have it in the 'Debug' build?
  15. stijnsanders

    RSS feeds for new posts ?

    @Daniel, yes the URL https://en.delphipraxis.net/rssalltopics.xml/ looks exactly like what I was looking for.