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  1. stijnsanders

    JSON text validation...

    In case you're interested, I've written my own JSON parser: https://github.com/stijnsanders/jsonDoc/blob/master/jsonDoc.pas
  2. stijnsanders

    Undeclared identifier but the code compiles

    What is the exact variable type of ExcelApplication and ExcelWorkbook? I would guess Variant or OleVariant, and in that case, a technique called "late binding" is used. It both explains why you don't have code-completion, and that the code compiles even without the compiler knowing about the specific available properties and methods. Behind the scenes, the operations you do (Cells, Select and Save in this case) are resolved at runtime on the 'living' objects using hidden 'IDispatch' interfaces that list the available properties and methods by name. It was invented by Microsoft to make dynamic scripting languages work (like VBScript, and actually also something called "JScript" because they weren't allowed to call it JavaScript, but that's another story). And Delphi has excellent support for this (but a downside is it works so good you don't see anything of it and can't access it, need to get the sequence of calls exactly right and need to debug on live objects.)
  3. In case anyone wants to try out an alternative, with the JSON library I wrote based on variants, it would look like this: o := JSON(['base','something','identifiers',VarArrayOf([JSON(['id',z2])])]);
  4. stijnsanders

    Json create Array

    So much code! Are you willing to try out a different JSON solution? When I was writing my very bare-bones connector to MongoDB, I was really into the Variant type, and really disliked long lists of overloads for all of the types. So I created my own JSON solution, that heavily uses the Variant type, and offers a really concise syntax. The above would look like this: JSON(['registration_ids',VarArrayOf(['crX...']),'notification',JSON(['title','Hi','body','Notification test'])])
  5. stijnsanders

    TNetHTTPClient and NTLM

    I once did something like the reverse: I added NTLM-support to a HTTP service I created myself: https://github.com/stijnsanders/xxm/blob/master/Delphi/http/xxmHttpCtx.pas#L388 as server and client both use the same 'SChannel' API calls, if you read around in the documentation, you should find what you need to make it work: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/secauthn/acquirecredentialshandle--schannel
  6. stijnsanders

    WebCam Output

    Why use Python? There are ways to 'read from' the webcam from Delphi code directly. After a quick search I found this: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/9106706/delphi-webcam-simple-program but that's from 2012? There may be others, newers, and more multi-platform options if you search around.
  7. stijnsanders

    faster json library

    I created my own JSON unit because I really dislike long lists of overloads, and really like the Variant type: https://github.com/stijnsanders/jsonDoc It grew out of my attempt at a 'really raw' connector for MongoDB, so to/from BSON functions are here: https://github.com/stijnsanders/TMongoWire/blob/master/bsonTools.pas
  8. Actually, picking up on that. I could perfectly agree with if Delphi would make obj.Free; also set obj to nil...
  9. I made an attempt to explain what I think it's really about here: http://yoy.be/FreeAndNil.html Let me know if this hits the mark or is way off...
  10. I think I've come across the things you describe when creating xxm. There's more to the project than REST, but to have an out-of-the-box option of hosting web projects created with xxm, I created a really basic HTTP server, that also handles multipart file uploads. So, if you have a web form like this that would allow a user to post a file, the server would process the parts of the request into specific parameters like this. But I'm afraid this is quite an integrated solution and not quite a 'snippet' you can use to apply elsewhere. None-the-less I warmly invite you to take a good look at xxm and see if it could be a fit for any project you're considering that combines Delphi and the web.
  11. stijnsanders

    vtString and vtWideString & vtAnsiString

    I see in System.pas that VAnsiString is of type pointer and not of type AnsiString. I'm not sure you can 'just' cast it into type AnsiString (which happens to also be a pointer internally), but assuming you can: SizeOf(VAnsiString) will probably always be 4 (on 32-bits, 8 on 64-bits), I guess you'll need Length(AnsiString(VAnsiString)) then Move(AnsiString(VAnsiString), ... will actually read the pointer value (and whatever happens to be in memory after that) not the string data itself. You have to dereference, either explicitly: Move(VAnsiString^, ... or I prefer to do this as if I'm letting Move know where the start of the string data is: Move(AnsiString(VAnsiString)[1], ... And you use SizeOf for the Inc again, change that to Length, of better still use an extra local variable so you only need 1 call to Length (and the compiler can optimize register allocation for it)
  12. stijnsanders

    Delphi Compilers - # lines of code

    If you do find anything about it, I wonder how it would relate to dwScript's number of lines of code...
  13. stijnsanders

    JSON parsing question

    If you're willing to examine an alternative, and if you're struggling with other JSON solutions that appear to 'bind' the JSON data to some sort of schema that determine the full extent of what you'd possibly do with the date, check out this JSON unit I've created in the margin of an attempt at a no-frills MongoDB connector: https://github.com/stijnsanders/jsonDoc#jsondoc I also dislike solutions that depend long lists of overloads for all kinds of types, so it depends on Variants heavily, especially that a Variant value can hold a reference to the interface of a live instance if anything, such as another IJSONDocument object. Also arrays in JSON are converted to and from Variant arrays. So using VarType, you could detect when data is an array or not, if it's an sub-object, you'll get varUnknown, look at the function JSON declared in the unit how to get a IJSONDocument reference. Also have a look at function JSONEnum to list the "sectionX" fields the base object might have.
  14. If I recall correctly, the GetPixel method is rather slow. Does FMX.Graphics' TBitmap also have a Scanline pointer property?
  15. stijnsanders

    Can Delphi randomize string 'Delphi'?

    Aah, that makes me think of the infinite monkeys theorem (and also)