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  1. angeloman

    problem with FDBatchMove

    Solved. It wasn't an fdbatchmove parser problem but it it happens because the analyzesamples was setted to 100 and the csv file line was at the near the end. So the target field length was to small to contain the whole field. setting it to 100000 works good
  2. angeloman

    problem with FDBatchMove

    Hi, I use FDBatchMove to import a csv file into an FDMemTable, the file has headers use comma as separator. It contain a column hat is the house number in some cases with extension. Now when it has the extension after the execute it lose it. Example in input I have 4/A after the execute produce 4/. How can resolve this problem? Thanks so much for the help
  3. Installed, thank you very much
  4. Hi, thank you for the very good job done, I need to install MMX on delphi XE5 but cannot get it. starting the ide allways get then error cannot find the dll. Can you please decribe the installation, the registry settings and the right dll to use for XE5?