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  1. Bob Devine

    How are you handling SVG images?

    I'm using DHTML extensively for SVG: https://delphihtmlcomponents.com/ I tried a couple others but DHTML gives better re-sizing (really smooth without flickering) and was better at handling the SVGs I work with (generated by matplotlib).
  2. Bob Devine

    Parsing Text search expression

    +1 for HTML Library
  3. Some that look interesting - I haven't investigated these in detail so can't give any opinions on them. The CodeProject ones would need to be ported. https://github.com/LUXOPHIA/Random https://www.codeproject.com/Articles/1083372/Random-Number-Generator-Recommendations-for-Applic https://www.codeproject.com/Articles/1190459/Randomization-and-Sampling-Methods https://www.codeproject.com/Articles/5272482/Partially-Sampled-Random-Numbers-for-Accurate-Samp
  4. Bob Devine


    Yes it's valid - it's just the username I gave with gmail.com.
  5. Bob Devine

    Could not open Python DLL problem

    I doubt it would be the IDE - maybe the DLL was still in memory but I'm not sure if that would cause a 126 error
  6. Bob Devine

    XLS 2 XLSX

    +1 for Flexcel
  7. Bob Devine

    Could not open Python DLL problem

    This is quite a common DLL problem, e.g. see here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/14361992/dll-load-library-error-code-126 Rather than looking for P4D demos I'd pursue that angle
  8. Bob Devine

    Prevent External DLL from Exiting Application

    You need to use RPyC to run your Python code - this decouples the Python from your main app. Check the source in PyScripter to see how it's done. There's code for internal interpreter and remote interpreter - you need the code in the latter.
  9. Bob Devine

    Cross-platform messaging system

    @vfbb Thanks for this looks interesting. Would be worth putting a link to DEB on the readme https://github.com/spinettaro/delphi-event-bus There's another one here: https://github.com/THSoftPoland/DelphiMessageBus I've been mulling over using an event bus rather than the observer pattern in some of my code, but I need something that works with pas2js (in TMS Webcore). The latest pas2js has generics etc. so I'm aiming to try some testing next month - might be worth you taking a look though.
  10. Bob Devine

    10.4.1 IDE wait/working cursor

    Yeah with me it's happening even with a new project.
  11. Bob Devine

    10.4.1 IDE wait/working cursor

    Everything's on a local NVME SSD, so pretty fast. Although 10.2 was my primary IDE I've used 10.3 on this PC and it was fine. Classic 10.4.1 pretty much unusable though - weird. Have reverted to LSP with regular resets :-) Thanks, Bob
  12. Made the jump from 10.2 to 10.4.1 (both patches installed) and am already regretting it... LSP up to more than 3Gb memory after a few hours so switched to classic. The problem in classic is the "working" cursor when not typing or moving the mouse - anyone else seeing this and know how to get rid of it? Couldn't find anything in QP. I realise I can re-set the LSP by switching between classic and LSP as a last resort. Thanks, Bob
  13. Bob Devine

    Rio and MDI Applications

    I rolled my own using TscExPanel from http://www.almdev.com/. Easy to do and also makes it easy to have the ability to switch between MDI and SDI since you're decoupled from the MS MDI. Nice set of components and Alexey was quick to add some features I needed for the MDI. Cheers, Bob
  14. Bob Devine


    @Fr0sT.Brutal Although I'm planning to have Object Pascal incorporated, it will be of limited interest to my target market unfortunately.
  15. Bob Devine


    @Fr0sT.Brutal Yes agreed my GPL objection isn't valid - in fact I'm already using the Nim compiler (MIT licence) to generate plugins from my app and it's run in a separate process. Scripting is no good for my applications though, primarily for performance reasons.