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    Thanks, but pax has some unique features that aren't available in the various Delphi scripting engines, including the ability to create Delphi-compatible interface-based DLLs (so you can create plug-ins from within your app) and cross-language programming (Object Pascal/Object Basic/Javascript).
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    Since the rights to PaxCompiler have been acquired by Apex Data Solutions, they've decided not to supply it as a stand-alone royalty-free compiler, but as part of a larger interoperability suite (with no source and controlled through their licencing portal). I'm looking into the possibility of continuing development since I have a significant investment in the technology but don't have the time to become a compiler engineer! Initially I'm trying to (i) identify any compiler/interpreter developers who might be interested in contract work and (ii) identify other pax users who'd be interested in pooling bug fixes and possibly collaborating on funding further development. Obviously pax can't simply be open-sourced but I have some ideas on how to proceed in a way that keeps things legal. Any pax users who are interested can contact me on gmail (rlsdevine). Cheers, Bob