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  1. @FPiette Thanks for the URL. new topic created at https://en.delphipraxis.net/topic/4306-cant-resolve-unit-named-windos-and-undeclared-identifier-doserror/
  2. I am compiling an old program that was written in borland pascal and now using RAD 10.3 (delphi) CE to run it. I got an error "Can't resolve unit named WinDos" . ........ERROR_1 I tried using 'windows' and commented WinDos, WinProcs and WinTypes uses { WinDos, WinProcs and WinTypes} windows, to resolve above ERROR_1 BUT I am getting error about 'doserror' for a code as: .. .. if (length (name) = some_int) and (pos (':\',name) = some_another_int) and ((doserror = 18) or (doserror = 0)) then...... ... .. as... [dcc32 Error] unit.PAS: E2003 Undeclared identifier: 'doserror' What to do?
  3. Thanks, I will open new topic as: 'Modernizing units from Borland pascal (windows 16 bit) to Delphi-XE 10 (Windows 64 bit)' But help me to choose correct and best suited category to open this topic from options (i)Delphi IDE and API OR (ii)Cross Platform OR (iii)General Help OR something different )?
  4. I am able to install RAD10.3 CE now and using it. Thanks @FPiette @Kryvich @Remy Lebeau However, I want to test and run existing set of program files (code was written years back). I need to choose delphi-7 and delphi 2007 in RAD10.3 CE to run the code, pls suggest steps.
  5. Ok, Can I install only Delphi CE edition? How to obtain Delphi-CE in .iso? or is there a different method of installing it? Pls suggest.
  6. I have been trying several times in this week, But unable to install. Before this, I used a trial version of RAD10.4 (architect edition), I had received same error, to solve that the support from embarcardero provided me a .iso file, which helped to install it properly. As it was trial version for 30 days, it is now expired. I want to learn programming delphi and C in RAD10.x using Community Edition, is any .iso available for CE? so as to download it and use serial key supplied by embarcardero while installing it?
  7. I used the serial key and RAD10.3 setup download link that is provided in email from Embarcardero to install the Community edition, BUT following error occurred while installing : (I have active internet connectivity) I received reply from support to check in community forums, But unable to get answer for this, pls help and if possible give a link to download .iso of Community edition.