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  1. Paolo Pedrielli

    After Update 11.2 libsqlite.a not found IOS

    Hi, I have the same issue for iOS Simulator. It cannot find sqlmidas.a and sqllite.a I added featured files for both MIDAS and sqlite, but they don't contain info for iOSSimARM64 Any idea?
  2. Hi all, I'm trying to deploy my app to iOS Simulator. I have an M1 Pro Mac and the app compiles without issues. But, when it try to deploy, it hangs says 'libmidas.a' missing. I searched in lib folder, in iossimarm64\release folder and it doesn't exists! Also missing sqllite.a! I copied them from iOSDevice64 but it doens't work. Do you have these files in our lib folder? Thanks! Paolo
  3. Paolo Pedrielli

    RAD Server and iOS Push Notification

    Hi, thanks for your reply. It seems http/2 for push notification is not supported: https://serverfault.com/questions/765258/use-http-2-0-between-nginx-reverse-proxy-and-backend-webserver Best Paolo
  4. Hi all, I'm using RAD Server for several endpoints and also for push notification in iOS. All was fine, but now I notice the iOS notifications doesn't work anymore. Searching for it, I found that Apple moves from HTTP to HTTP/" on March 31st 2021, so the old push notification method shouldn't work. Maybe this is the real issue. My RAD version says 4.1, do you know if a newer version, HTTP/2 compatible, is available now? I searched all the web but I cannot find anything... Thanks Paolo
  5. Paolo Pedrielli

    Can't install macOS 64-bit

    Hi Evra, I have the same exact situation. How did you resolve this issue? Thanks a lot Paolo