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  1. Magno

    Distribution type for Appx with Rio

    I simply cannot upload the new appx because even if I choose the provisioning to Application Store, save, build, deploy it is generated as Ad-hoc.... No one have a clue?
  2. I was already able to upload an appx to MS Store, but for some reason my building is now always done as Ad-hoc! How can I set again the correct distribution type? Should exist an easy way there at Configurations->Application Store | Ad-hoc | Normal Where do I change that options? At Project->Options->Deployment->Provisioning only let me configure, but not choose the correct build to go. Frustrating 😞
  3. Hello! I am trying this: NetHTTPClient1.ContentType := 'application/json; charset=utf-8;'; NetHTTPClient1.AcceptCharSet := 'ISO-8859-1'; NetHTTPClient1.Post(URL, PARAMS, nil, TEncoding.UTF8); To post to an URL. It works, but words like "ação" are being received as "acao". How correctly I could fix that? Thank you! EDIT: Missing set UTF8Encode( text )
  4. Thank you for all information!! I will test it and let you know! EDIT: Solved!!!! Thank you!
  5. Hello people! Well, this is new. With 10.3.0 my app was working fine, but now when I try to access an address like http://thewebsite..ddns.net the URL won't open and I get net::ERR_CLEARTEXT_NOT_PERMITTED. I will happen with some devices, mine is running Android Pie and work correctly, my friend and the client also running Android Pie and getting that error. Any clue?