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  1. almcneil15

    TBluetoothLE in Windows 10

    I am successfully using my BluetoothLE device now with Windows 10. My next issue is when there are multiple devices with the service ID I am using to filter the search in range. I call DiscoverDevices(4000, ServiceID) and then on Windows 10 it immediately fires the OnEndBluetoothLEScan event. I would like to check DiscoveredDevices.Count in this event and if the count is greater than 1, show the list to the user to choose from. However, this always only has 1 device in the list. It seems like whatever device is closest in range is the one that is shown here. If I run the same thing on an iOS device, OnEndBluetoothScan fires and has a list of all the devices found and I can do what I am describing. Is there a way to gather a list of devices in Windows 10?
  2. almcneil15

    TBluetoothLE in Windows 10

    More Windows 10 BLE problems. I am able to see the BLE device and use its Tx Characteristic to write out to a serial device through the BLE. However, when the serial device responds, it seems to be taking quite a long time for the notification to get to my Windows app that the Rx characteristic has been updated. About 20 seconds after the serial device responds, I get a OnCharacteristicRead event and am able to read the expected message from that characteristic. What could cause such a long delay here in the notification? I know from debugging the BLE device that it is sending the message and notifying immediately, but the windows app doesnt get it for 20 seconds. This same app works as it should on iOS.
  3. almcneil15

    TBluetoothLE in Windows 10

    I was able to get my device to pair to windows and then discover its services and characteristics. My device is to work like a simple UART bridge, with and Rx and Tx characteristic. My program successfully sends out the Tx message. However, when an Rx message is recieved, the event "OnCharacteristicRead" does not seem to be fired, therefore my code does not successfully get the message. Is there an issue in windows firing this event? The same application on iOS works as it should. *EDIT* This ended up not being a windows issue but an issue in the BLE device firmware I needed to address.
  4. almcneil15

    TBluetoothLE in Windows 10

    Thanks so much for the response. I am ysing Rad Studio 10.2 FMX, and my TBluetoothLE component does not have a method called "OnDiscoverLEDevice" or "DiscoverLEDevice". Is this something that has been introduced in a newer version of FMX?
  5. almcneil15

    TBluetoothLE in Windows 10

    I have a BLE device with custom firmware in it that I have succesfully paired on the windows bluetooth screen. When I call DiscoverDevices and pass UUID of the service I am looking for, the function returns true. However, it the event OnEndDiscoverDevices does not fire. If I use a timeout and fire that event manually, the list DiscoveredDevices is empty. I thought that pairing the BLE device to Windows first would solve this issue, but even after pairing I am getting the same results. Does anyone know of a work around? For the record, I can use the Bluetooth LE Explorer app on windows and see the device and its services and characteristics.