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  1. EgonHugeist

    FireDAC Array DML returning values from inserted records

    @Mark Williams Might be OT because you refering FireDac. So just for the record: I added that feature to Zeos V8. See: Add ArrayDML returning feature for Postgres Chears, Michael
  2. EgonHugeist

    Ole DB (Ado) for MSSQL un-deprecated by Microsoft

    No Bruce, ZeosLib as an OpenSource DAC(Database access component) and it's definitelly not for FireDac. We may call it "a source of inspiration for Dimitry's FireDac/AnyDac". ZeosLib is much better maintained than dbGo. So don't hassitate to use OpenSource! Regards, Michael
  3. EgonHugeist

    Ole DB (Ado) for MSSQL un-deprecated by Microsoft

    @BruceTTTT ZeosLib has an direct OleDB driver for SQL Server. See: OleDB-Forum. I added the driver 5years ago IIRC. I can confirm the direct Ole-Drivers are somewhat faster than SQLNCLI. Feel free to test it: Click download Snapshot. and report your findings. Have fun, Michael