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  1. This offer is open to people in North American time zones, so primarily the US and Canada. You should have a degree in Computer Science or related techincal degree and have used Delphi for at least several years working with SQL database engines. This is a full time work week position, fully remote, and if you're happy and we're happy it could last as long as both sides want. There is no fancy schmancy coding involved as in no significant web or mobile device work. It's desktop database applications for a niche Point Of Sale suite of software against MySql for the most part, though here and there we use Advantage, SqLite and MS Access. We even still process text files on a regular basis. Message me with your resume and I/we will get back to you sometime this weekend/first of the week to acknowledge receipt of your paperwork and after that we'll contact the people we have an interest in. Thank you for your time.
  2. Did you find someone to help with your project? drc 🙂