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  1. eivindbakkestuen

    IDE Reopen not reset directory to that of the project

    Neat trick #1: update Win7 to Win10
  2. eivindbakkestuen

    [Android] How to capture characters with a bluetooth device

    Which "bluetooth handheld device"? If you plug in a normal keyboard and type in the string, do you get the expected result in your input field?
  3. writeln(x:3:0) produces " 1" in 10.4.1 afaiks (when x = 0.9)
  4. eivindbakkestuen

    GExperts for Delphi 10.4.1

    Yep, that seems to have fixed the AVs I was having. Thanks!
  5. eivindbakkestuen

    Andoid TLabels Have Lines on the Letters

    Does this happen on several different devices?
  6. eivindbakkestuen


    Why, oh why is there no description on github to say what is so great about the project? Sigh... even the project that this originated from says nothing, except showing some screenshots. I guess we programmers are not marketers 🙂
  7. Try refreshing the Overbyte site in your browser, the latest stable release is 8.64
  8. eivindbakkestuen

    Ann: NexusDB EOFY Sale

    Greetings from NexusDB, the home of great database components and Quality Assurance tools for Rad Studio/Delphi/C++ Builder. We have a great EOFY (End of Financial Year) offer for you! Take advantage of the following until the end of June: For any purchase made of new licenses, on all products, take 30% off the normal price. Yes, that is 30% off any full price product, even including our Full Monty Pack which bundles all products! To receive the rebate, make sure you enter the following coupon code during checkout: EOFY2020 Visit our webshop here: http://www.nexusdb.com/support/index.php?q=pricing Please also note, all our prices are in Australian dollars. If you are purchasing from outside Australia, take advantage of the extra 25% "rebate" provided by the favourable USD/AUD exchange rate! Our main products: NexusDB Database http://www.nexusdb.com/support/index.php?q=nexusdb Nexus Quality Suite http://www.nexusdb.com/support/index.php?q=qualitysuite regards, The NexusDB Team
  9. eivindbakkestuen

    Your RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney issues

    Are you sure that option does not exist anymore? 🙂 I'm pretty sure I didn't dream this up.
  10. eivindbakkestuen

    Your RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney issues

    No, you didn't miss anything, exact same thing happened to me. I'm absolutely certain I had Help checked during the first install, because this also happened to me during 10.3. Worse part of it was, even though I'm absolutely sure I left the "remove registry entries" option in the "keep" position during uninstall, after the reinstall the IDE came up pristine, and left me with installing a ton of 3rd party libraries a second time. Ugh.
  11. eivindbakkestuen

    Closing Forms from other forms

    You are describing a wizard UI...
  12. eivindbakkestuen

    Delphi 2010 giving floating point error

    You are doing R&D. Are you saying your R&D process does not allow you to use an exception stack trace logging solution to figure out where it happens?
  13. eivindbakkestuen

    Prevent WM_VSCROLL on TScrollBox to be executed twice in a row

    Have you looked at the Message parameter values to see what you're actually getting?
  14. eivindbakkestuen

    Profiler for Delphi

    We are aware that the UI isn't modern anymore, and work is underway to improve that. However, @Tom F is right to say it just works (up to and including the latest Rio version!). Which allows the users to get their work done and move on. 🙂
  15. Out of idle curiosity, does this happen no matter how many cores you have in the CPU? What do the CPU core graphs look like in the Task Manager?